Knitting for Dolphins :) Ahhhh

The other day (well a bit ago) someone emailed me a website I may be interested in, and I was called Knitting for Dolphins..

It is pretty kewl site about getting the word out that us Humans aren't so kind.. The Navy wants to put Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins (from my neck of the woods) into the chilly cold Puget Sound area.. I know that I would be freezing there, since I live in Florida.. Well the same goes for Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, they live in warm sub tropical to tropical waters.. Give me a break. It may seem ironic or ludicris to even think of knitting sweaters for dolphins, but it is crazy to think that taking dolphins out of their natural habitat (weather,
warm waters, etc) is like normal.

Photo: From Knitting For Dolphins

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