More Amazing Dolphin Facts!

More Amazing Dolphin Facts!
Ok, I dunno, But I think that any being on Earth that looks like they are smiling all the time, I can learn from. Cause I don't smile all the time.. Especially lately... I have so much (I put some much stress) on myself that I have been overwhelmingly in perpetual motion. Which can be a really nice thingy, but for me, it spells Getting Sick! I have and am nursing myself back to health. The allergy/Sinus Thingy is kicking my little behind all the way to my bed and sleep, sleep sleep! Hmm a vacation I didn't even know I needed. I would have rather gone to Bahamas, Bimini, Caribbean to see the Dolphins then this! Hmm note to self, will work on Manifesting a nice Caribbean Vacation Dealo with Hubby and of course the dolphins! :)
I thought I would continue to post info on the Dolphins.. ANything I find that represents Conscious living and being aware!
Namu Amida Butsu!
Taken from the Blue Voice Site

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