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Sunnyday at Mandalay Beach

Beautiful a bit chilly (for a Floridian) but the
Beach was beautiful.. Oh forgot to get the beach in the
pic, unfortunately we left due to cold breezes! But trust me
it was awesome and we saw so mmmmmany dolphins ! They were
dark blue not like Florida light to medium blue color.. They were swimming in
a nice size pod and enjoying the cool breezes! BBBBBRRRR!

Karma @ the Holidays

Ok again dressed for the holidays!
Karma is wearing a kewl santa outfit that is a bit tight around the belly,
Seems Santas helper has been eatting quite a bit lately! hahahahahaha
She is so cute and all in her outfit!
Another find at Thrift store downtown Ventura, 4.99 (it is a actual doggie outfit!)

Zen @ the Holidays!

Gotta love it! She is wearing a one piece
baby outfit that snaps in back! It is open for her tail and
fits pretty good, except she is so thin thru the body it is a
little big!
Got it yesterday at Downtown Ventura where there is a kewl thrift shoppe, well
lot's of them actually.. I paid 1.95!

Hendry's Beach Pose oh baby baby!

Ok this is where we ate today..
Not such great food, but the view was
to die for darlin!

Winter in Santa Barbara

Ok It gets so cold (to a Floridan that is) that I do have a
a winter coat and scarf *ok luv scarves!
Yes I do have my aqua contacts in, no I don't have blue eyes, I have
We went to Goleta and Isla Vista and saw the Beach up there and
found another branch of hemp Wise.
We also ate at Hendrys Beach, and it was wonderful.. It was the Boathouse..
I loved it! Tony and I had a romantic brunch there.. We were right at the beach view..
They had heaters on *since we were outside. and it was still cold..
We did get two kewl hemp handmade skull cap hats, and a matching scarf....So we can both wear them! To kewl, and they were on sale.. Ok love that.
It was also a head shoppe, ok memories from dayz gone by..
I really like the shoppe on State Road.....I got my mini inspirion hemp bag there! Love it!
I really really dig that shoppe.
Ok Isle Vista is the home to UCSB.
So it looks like Party Central... No where i would live for sure!
But cute in a way... West Coast Fort Myers look too…

Ok future Child in my life a Long Haired Dachshund SOOOO CUTE!

Picture of Sunset off Rincon Beach from our Bedroom Balcony

Ok is this a blissing or what?
I love that this is our view at 5:10 pm CT
Off our balcony!
It is so beautiful!
Just having to get use to the sunset on the Ocean!
Unlike FLA, sun rises!
This ia our view from the bedroom slider.
It is Rincon.. :)
I will take more pics from the beach, and the sun setting from our balcony!
Rock on!

Craft Magazine this month about Green/Upcycling Projects

Ok I realize it is pricey for a mag... 14.95, but somebody must be buying it, since they do sell them and come out I believe monthly! I did but this months copy.. About green projects.. I love it!
I have it next to my bed,and I am kinda just keeping it there till I get a reading lite, so I can read it when I can't sleep, Happens sometimes..
I guess you could say I am savoring it! For Sure For Sure!
I love it!
I may even get a subscription to it.. It is a stellar mag for those who want to learn and expand your projects and skills, baby!

Tuesday Morning in Ventura Killer Dealz for Craftsfolx

Ok Micheal and I were shopping in Ventura,,, We checked out Mervyns Going out of bizz sale (btw got two cute hippy tops!), and we saw a Tuesday mornings tucked in the corner....
Ok it was great..... I was looking for a memory foam mattress cover for my bed, but they didnt have it :(
Ok it was like no it isn't Micheal,, Can't be... NO WAY! Ok it was unreal........ Like I even put a bid in on one for 65.00 and I was out bid and just thought oh well... Thank GoSh! I ended up like with this incredible storage system with wheels and telescooping handle! Right on! I love it.. And the Universe provided for 20.00 instead of what I thought I had to buy for 50.00! OMG!
It is PINK ALSO! My favorite color.....:)
I also got a kewl tool from Making memories (it was originally 24.00, I paid 7.99) :)
It puts different size holes in paper, etc!
I also went the nex…

Santa Barbara Bead and gem Faire

Ok went, discovered and fell in love, ok not with beads.. But I did fall in love with the Tibetan Prayer Wheels, Medicine Buddha Sterling ring, Hemp Bag with a beautiful Peace Sign and Hemp Back with a beautiful Dove with Peace to the World and it is gorgeous, 20.00 each! Oh my gosh! I mean I really really love that the bead show here is of a great caliber, With all the LA and San Fran Bead Wholesalers, and so much of it was the same old same old.. Unfortuantely.... But there was so much great Buddha stuff.... REALLY !! Tibetan Goodies!
OK really it is going to happen again in Feburary!
Can't wait!

Going to the Santa Barbara Gem/Bead Show Today

Ok how kewl is it, that I only moved here like two weeks ago and already there is a bead show!!!!
It is near Goleta so I am going there also
Ok will post after the show!

ScribeFire Add on for Foxfire

This so rocks out. I don't even have to check into It is actually on my toolbar and I just open it up and boom I can blog!
NICE! Totally recommend it.. Just check it out yourself!
Viva La Foxfire!

Prayers for India from: YTDR Foundation

Tulku Karma Rinpoche would like to make a special request from you to participate in a prayer for those who have suffered due to the attacks in Mumbai. India, the historical birthplace of Buddhism, is today home to approximately 150,000 Tibetan refugees including HH the Dalai Lama, and the Government of Tibet in Exile has been a protectorate of India for several decades. In Rinpoche’s own words, "India is a great country that has given a so much love and wisdom to all beings".

He requests that his students, well wishers, and friends join him in prayer this Friday evening Nov 28th at 8PM PST, tomorrow Saturday Nov 29th morning at 8AM PST and again on Saturday evening at 8PM PST.

Prayers should be performed preferably at home, holding a candle light, and reciting the following mantras:

For those who are in fear and terror,
“Om Ah Hung Benzar Guru Pad Ma Sedi Hung ),

For those who have been killed,
“Om Ah Mi Dewa Hri”

For those families who are left behind with sadness,
“Om Mani …

Finally settling in to Cali and finding my way

Ok when I usually move, which I do alot, :(, it only takes a bit to get in the swing of things.. But it has been in different parts of Fla.. Now with Cali, it's different, vibe, feel, environment, on and on..
And the time change, I am tired at like 8pm at nite! hahaa! Never did that before!
Sleeping well and it seems the weather, atmosphere really fits me! I love it!
We have our Table and chairs outside so we eat outside, like my heritage of Italianos did and do! We have views of the mountain on our back private porch where we eat, so romantic, isn't it darlin! haha..
So it seems like the views we have from our bed and bedroom, balcony of the ocean and beach, mountains, is what I would think of in Italy! :)

Ok as far as peaceful vibes go, there is actually a peace store in downtown SB! It is truly way overpriced, but it has a huge sign that says THE WAR HAS ENDED! I want it for sure!

And there are alot of vintage *upcycled Stores, as well as coffee shops, etc..
I am going to check on…

Blast off to Downtown SB!

My inagural visit to Downtown SB was incredible! Ok thanks in part of wonderful Hubby, and thankx in part to self discovery!
We went to I think it was called beadin around in~
They are moving so having a fifty percent off sale.
Ok really it was way overpriced for Jewelry Artisans, but it was way kewl to find a beautiful strand of dyed turqouise in a blue green variety unseen by my eyes before..They were somewhat though in rough shape, and sizes...But I figured I could make five beautiful bracelets out of themm..
Then found ok LISTEN UP, Lucky Store..
Now I am no label whore, but Lucky and Levi's are my fav!:)
American Classics with peace and love intertwined!
I was in love as I looked thru the store, unfortunately I couldn't afford anything at full price, and even if I could, I would spend it on beadz first!
But in the back there was a area of 50 percent off stuff/.OK LOVE IT, not 20 percent, but 50!And they had the Buddha Hoodie that I saw online and wanted so badly, but wouldn&…

Shipwreck beads have the carved beautiful wood flower beads finally back in stock after two months!

Ordered 250 of them..
Ok also I am so excited I went to the B & B (I think it is warehouse in W Melbourne...
They are a awesome couple who have a great eye for beadz! I am only sad I won't be hanging out more with them! I hope to catch up with them in Tucson!
They are so kewl~
I really dig some of the beautiful new stuff I got before heading out to Cali!
I mean fantabulous!
New Cali Style Designs! For sure!
I haven't even purused to see if there are any kewl beanz bead shoppes in Carp or Santa Barbara, or even Ventura!
Rock on! To have choices!

Final Run to Cali

In Gila Bend now and staying at the Space Age Lodge! Go figure it looks like it belongs in Titusville, not Gila Bend! :)
But it has a kewl jetson, retro vibe that I love love love! Like being on route 66~
The great news is we are only 400 miles from our target! Ventura, Cali.
What a long strange trip it's been~ Ok so ripped that off from the Dead, but truly a sentiment for these times..
Alot to look toward, sad to leave great great loving friends, and the moment is one of sore, tired and focus!
I do miss Florida, but different that I expected.
More for of course friends, and locations, but kinda like a comfortable pair of shoes, but not my most fav ones...
There is peace in knowing that we are exactly where we are suppose to be. Micheal and I are like a old married couple... haha.. Thank gosh we love each other, cause sometimes we don't like each other, hmmm like any married couple! haha..
We are both tired and worn out.. So if we can still get along under these circumstances that is …

Brevard County Chapter of Artisans for Peace lives on!

Thanks to Bonnie Han, she will be picking up the ball and running with it... Or fabric, stamps, etc!!!!
Her first gathering will be making Eco Bags... How kewl is that..
So we are Coast to Coast! Since I will be also starting a chapter in Santa Barbara area..
Bonnie will also be posting on the blog as well as added great tips, info and ect, on green living w/ creative flair!

Day Two of the Cali Journey Cross Country

Ok we are in Brookshire, Texas. What a day it was yesterday..
I was so tired, I didn't blog till this morning....
Ok we got thru Alabama, Lousiana, and then entered the big, long, long state of Texas.. Where everything is bigger!
Ok the speed limit is 70, and 65 at nite! hahahaha
Use to Florida speed rates.. So had to adjust, wasn't that hard in the Truck!
Then going thru Texas is somewhat of a nightmare..
Ok nice way of putting it, it is!
I drove thru Houston, Micheal was like it won't be busy during 5 oclock sat traffic, I was like probably will be huge city, etc..
So we did it and it was busy and sucked! So i just bellied up to the bar and basically kept out of everyones way as the big truck and little car following (scion) did our thing... But at least we got thru Houston! Huge sprawling urban decay....Haha
I did stop at a few hotels, and they are not doggie friendly UGH!
So we ended up in Brookshire.. outside of Katy.
They do have a awesome Resturaunt,, Called of all things Orla…

Making our Way to Cali Journal Day ONE

Well as I posted before I am relocating to Santa Barbara area of California.
And this week has been a whirlwind, found out we were offically moving Last friday and this Friday was on the road and Micheal did a wonderful job getting us to Mobile! We have offically left Florida.
I had mixed emotions of sadness of leaving behind friends, loving the beaches and so many beautiful places, and wondering what am I doing leaving paradise? So I wanted to get the hell out of there and stop thinking! Just being.
As I have already got a Loft to live in across from the beach with views in a laid back Beach community five miles from stores!
So really it will be so kewl, and relaxed, but I have to get there to enjoy it.
Trying to live peacefully amist the Stress isn't easy!

Last Nites Artisan for Peace Event

Ok we created Organic Hemp/Cotton Ribbon Peace Bracelets. We used Coconut shell buttons as well as markers, and so much more. I could just kick me self for not taking pics, I did have my camera with me too! We also made bookmarks and Micheal made a chocker...
Then we did do a short visualization for peace as well as setting intent for BC Peace and beyond!
We had six people this time !YAH
Fun was had by all!

Ordered Five of Hand carved Lotus flower Tibetan Malas

Ok this is like a dream come true. I just hope and pray they are as beautiful as they look in the pics. They come via China from Tibet.. I know I know but I love the vibration of these beads..
Hand carved lotus's..
Doesn't get mucho better then that for sure!
Will have them hopefully before I move to Cali.

Love this one! Love the Lotus Flower

I actually ordered a few from

Love the stamps done by hand! :)

Love what Lauren K did with the stamp! IT is beautiful! I do want to try my hand (and have for a while making leather cuffs (with upcycled leather belts) This is fantabulous!

Love this oxidation Look for the Sanskrit Chant on Silver


Visualization Prayer for President Obama in 2016

The year is 2016. We glance at the television one morning and see President Obama having another of his many press conferences. He has been in office for almost 8 years. It hasn’t been perfect, but things are way better than when he took office in January 2009. You notice that his hair has whitened a bit and that he still has that winning smile and that take-charge/positive energy that he had when he was campaigning way back in 2008.
See it…Feel it….Breathe it….Pass it on.
The Challenge: take 30 seconds right now. Close your eyes and imagine exactly what our country will feel like with President Obama. Imagine how good it will feel.

Imagine the diplomacy.Imagine the peace.Imagine the windmills and the clean cars.Imagine the citizen groups.Imagine the earth being healed and revitalized.Imagine being very proud of your country and its leader.Imagine whatever it is that draws you to support Obama.Imagine what your life will look like.
30 seconds. Do it several times a day.

We can shift and ch…

Element Ecowear Kewl T Shirts Rock ON!

Kewl Beanz T shirt Design Your OWN! Eco-aware Rockin Lotus Vibe!
Here is the link, check it out!

Florida Redeems itself By Being a Blue State

Finally we can do something right. Florida Voted and we Voted Blue.
This is a wonderful sign for Florida. That finally we are awake and paying attention and are wanting to be part of the change that is so needed in this country, in our world.
We have finally after 8 long torturous years, can hold our head up high and realize that now is the time to roll up our sleeves and get busy. Healthcare for everyone! Out of Irac! Dept. Of Peace! Get the green economy rolling, help for minorities, and more minorities in leadership rolls, African Americans being proud, and seeing that they too can be President one day. Coming together as a nation, and on the worlds platform, creating and bringing intelligent, mindful banter, as well as rational, middle path decsions, getting along with the Rep's and realize we must start working together toward peace, and healing of our nation, world, mother earth as well as our souls.
NO longer is race a issue, let's get over it. We all bleed red. No matter …

Sad Day for Same Sex Marriage in Florida

I don't know how but Amendment two passed in Florida.
This is truly a sad Day in Florida.
WE redemed ourselves for Carrying Prez Obama, but we lost our souls by passing Amendment two.
I am saddened by this. Any group of people who loose rights, is fair game for other groups of people to loose rights.
My heart is heavy on this issue, and mourning the passage of this closed minded type thinking.

Standing on the Corner hangin w/ Prez Obama

Ok it was his cutout, but really, It was amazzzing!
So many folx, African-American, White, Hispanic, Pink, Orange, etc
Beeping and waving and getting excited for Prez Obama!
IT was way higher then folx being negative!
Standing on the corner (ok a Crack/Homeless Corner to boot), I realized how this election is bringing us all back together, as a nation, as a country and as a people.
People of all skintones, people who may not normally agree, agree on one thing, Prez Obama is a right fit for the change we so need in this country!
It is so exciting to be part of this and be here on Earth at this time!
We are really in for some excitement folx, and to see how many peeps in Melbourne are supportive of the change, well that is also exciting.
We can't look back, at least to change or complain, but we can enjoy the moment and savour it, really enjoy it. And help those who didn't vote for Prez Obama to adjust, in a kind loving way! We don't want our country divided, but rather to come tog…

Buddhists get engaged in race for President

By Daniel Burke, Religion News Service, October 28, 2008

New York, USA -- By most counts, several times more people live in New York City than practice Buddhism nationwide.

<< Obama or McCain: Which path are American Buddhists taking on?

So American Buddhists aren't likely to become a political machine or a crucial swing vote any time soon. But as the religion born in the East carves its place in the West, many Buddhists are making a mark in U.S. politics, including this year's presidential race.

A significant number of Buddhist immigrants who fled communist regimes in Southeast Asia tend to be politically conservative, which could help Republican candidate Sen. John McCain. But a solid majority of American Buddhists are converts, who tend to be liberal, and many back Democrat Barack Obama.

Take, for example, Sharon Salzberg.

In September, the writer and meditation teacher traveled to Ohio and registered voters for the first time in her 56 years. Salzberg, a New York City nati…

Barack Obama Cocoa Tea Song

Get the E-thepeople Voter Guide widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox!

Latest Video News from Prez Obama

Get the Barack Obama: Latest Video widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox!

Women For Peace!

Celebrate the Eve of November 4th Together

Let's celebrate together November 4th
Shanti's House: 11 Fillmore Court Satellite Beach Florida
7pmBring Dish to Pass
We will watch: Comedy Central: John Stewart/Steven Colbert
As we laugh and giggle and enjoy the evening of Change

Take a few minutes to day to silently send good vibes to President Obama

Ok if we say it, then we manifest it right! So lets take a few minutes in silence today to send good vibes to the New Prez!
Get the President Obama widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox!

Wiser Earth

WiserEarth . .

serves the people who are transforming the world. It is a community directory and networking forum that maps and connects non-governmental organizations (NGOs), businesses, governments, and individuals addressing the central issues of our day: climate change, poverty, the environment, peace, water, hunger, social justice, conservation, human rights and more. Content is created and edited by people like you

Earth Dance Check out there website! One of my Favs!


Peace Day is Every Day Ideas for PEACE

Make your own Peace Day!

Plan a Peace Day Event
Can be observed by anyone, anywhere. There is no need to get involved in a group or organization to celebrate the day. Simply by meditating on peace or participating in the minute of silence at noon, you are part of the Peace day movement. If you wish to get others involved, there are numerous examples of activities, such as walks for peace, making origami peace doves, planting trees for peace and releasing peace balloons. You can also organize Peace Day activities at work or in your neighborhood.

Examples of Peace Day events:
As a group, create a human formation of a peace dove, take a picture
Light a candle or lantern for peace
Do a silent meditation for peace at noon
Ring a peace bell
Release peace balloons
Make origami peace doves, write notes about peace on them - display
Plant a Peace Pole (
Plant a tree for peace
Plant a rock for peace (
Make "Pinwheels for Peace" (www.pinwheelsf…

Celebrate the Eve of November 4th Together

Let's celebrate together November 4th
Shanti's House: 11 Fillmore Court Satellite Beach Florida
Bring Dish to Pass
We will watch: Comedy Central: John Stewart/Steven Colbert
As we laugh and giggle and enjoy the evening of Change!

Parade of Gems Melbourne November 8th to 9th Bead Show

8-9--MELBOURNE, FLORIDA: Show, "Parade of Gems"; Canaveral Mineral & Gem Society; Melbourne Auditorium, 625 E. Hibiscus Blvd.; Sat. 10-5, Sun. 10-5; admission $4; contact John Almasi, (321) 956-9742; e-mail:

Brevard County Library has Crafts n Things Magazine (back issues)

I personally had them hold 2008 issues for me to look over.
Love this mag since it has alot of different ideas, not just jewelry, cards,
altered art, etc.
And the lastest goodies out there!
So check the library for your source and do your green part w/o purchasing the mag itself!

St. Lucie County Rock & Gem Club show this weekend!

This is to let everyone know that today and tomorrow is the St. LucieCounty Rock & Gem Club annual show at the Martin County Fair Ground inStuart. It promises to be a great show

MASS "Sign Wave For CHANGE" Melbourne 11/3

WHO - Brevard Voters, Progressive Candidates and Orgs
WHAT - MASS "Sign Wave For CHANGE"
WHEN - Monday 11/3 5pm - 7pm
WHERE - Melbourne along US1 between the 192 and Eau Galle Causeways
Bring your yard signs and positive signs for CHANGE. Obama and Blythe
volunteers meet at Eau Galle and US1. Patriots For Peace, Space CoastProgressive Alliance members and Brevard NOW please gather at 192 andUS1. All others spread out along US1 the entire route between the causeways. Park where you can.

Whiten Teeth Naturally

“Be careful not to use this too often, though, as the acid could damage the enamel on your teeth.”

You need:
1 ripe strawberry
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
Directions: Crush the strawberry to a pulp, then mix with the baking powder until blended. Use a soft toothbrush to spread the mixture onto your teeth. Leave on for 5 minutes, then brush thoroughly with toothpaste to remove the berry–baking soda mix. Rinse. (A little floss will help get rid of any strawberry seeds.) Carrel says you can apply once a week.

Picture of Huge OBAMA Lighted Sign in Satellite Beach


Oh boy oh Boy Got the Tibetan mala Sandalwood Carved Beads in YAH

Ok finally got them from China.. Yah!
Pretty happy about that!
They took like ten days too many!
I have now four Malas now, and in time they will be bracelets! :)
Ok shopping online for such a treasure is not the same at all like shopping for treasure in a store, flea market, or at a show..
But I got them and will post ..
Unfortunately more problems with my camera,,,, as in battery not recharging :(

Thank you Bill for the list of quotes!~


Do Not Seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought Matsuo Basho

Do unto others 20% better than you would expect them to do unto you, to correct for subjective error. Linus Pauling

You can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. Navajo Proverb

The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear Krishnamurti

I'm astounded by people who want to "know" the universe when it's hard enough to find your way around Chinatown Woody Allen

God has no Religion Gandhi

Everything we do is futile, but we must do it anyway Gandhi

The difference between involvement and commitment is like an eggs-and-ham breakfast, the chicken was involved-the pig was commited Unknown

Logic is in the eye of the logician Gloria Steinem

1000 Points of Peace Website

Is One man's quest to share a vision of life without war. Ragtime, a Stained Glass Artist living near Berkley Springs, West Virginia, began his points of peace in the fall of 2006.

Enjoy these beautiful peaces (haha) of Stained Glass Peace Sign Art!

Friday Nite 7PM Brevard County Buddhist Fellowship Welcomes Nonviolent Communication Speaker

Friday Nite Buddhist Fellowship: Featuring Keith Pacheo on Nonviolent Communication

We are honored to have Keith Pacheco a facilitator of workshops for Nonviolent Communication, and will be at our fellowship this friday to answer questions about peace and peaceful resolution, as well as sharing ideas on how to create more peace in a world that supports violent communication
Join us Friday nite at 7 pm for this special treat!
We will still be drumming and chanting for peace, as well as dressing up as your favorite spiritual guide, ascended master, guru, mentor, yourself, etc! And also bring some ghoulish treats for afterwards we will have fellowship and food!

Global WiseUSA Global Ceremony Nov. 2nd Videoconference

Sunday November 2: 1:30-3pm PST /4:30-6pm EST/9:30-11pm GMT
The WiseUSA ‘O8 Global Ceremony on Sunday November 2 will be a ninety-minute ceremony of deep meditation, collective prayer, and contemplative music involving individuals and groups from around the world. The ceremony will be anchored in two live gatherings at venues on the east and west coasts of the USA: the historic All Soul’s Church in the heart of Washington D.C., and the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in San Jose, California.
These gatherings will be linked by videoconference. Live audio from the ceremony will be broadcast for free to a global online audience (get the free broadcast HERE). Emmy-award winning musician and composer Gary Malkin is the event’s artistic director.
Check the time of the Global Ceremony in your local area HERE.
RSVP for the Global Ceremony HERE.

Details on: A Call to Peace in the USA Nov. 1st

A Call to Peace in the USA
November 1st, Saturday
2:00 pm EDT 11:00 am PDT 7:00 pm GMT(click for time conversion)
Honoring the Heart and Soul of AmericaPreparing energetically for the upcoming Elections
We the people, the ancestors of our great, great grandchildren, call forth the deepest wisdom and the highest compassion from the heart and soul of America, for the benefit of the entire Earth community and the next seven generations.
May Wisdom Prevail in the USA"May Peace Prevail on Earth"
Let us send our prayers to
the Native American Tribal Ancestors of the Landand the 50 US States
Flags of each 50 US States will be presented on
Building up to the November 2nd

A Call to Peace in the USA Teleconference November 1st


The Organic Spa Magazine Saves Trees by Being Free Online

Ok even us peaceniks need a spa day once in a while, even if it is only to relax with a good book, unwind thru meditation and prayer, a nice hot sea salt bath, etc etc etc....
This mag is awesome since it is all about Organic, Natural treatments and ways to take care of our tired soles (and souls!), while helping the environment and thus creating greater peace for Mother Earth! :)
So check it out and read the back issues online!

I have been following it since the beginning and finally was able to find a copy at Barnes and Noble in Melbourne! :)If you want to read a copy, you can save paper, and do it online!Here is the Link it is the digital Mag!

The Organic Spa Magazine Free Online! :)

Ok this is the Mag for me! I have been following it since the beginning and finally was able to find a copy at Barnes and Noble in Melbourne! :)
If you want to read a copy, you can save paper, and do it online!
Here is the Link it is the digital Mag! Free of charge you can read all the issues to date!
I love any magazine that has the words Organic and Spa in them!
Rock on!

Pure Sea Glass Author Richard Lamotte Speaking Tonite at Cocoa Beach Library

For the Sea Bean Symposium. And we are going.
Here is his website: From the website: Pure SEA GLASS is an incredible reference for any coastal enthusiast. More than 200 elegant images by photographer Celia Pearson present some of the best sea glass ever collected, along with samples of the classical glassware that is often its source.
Author Richard LaMotte provides tremendous detail on all aspects of identifying sea glass, its historical significance, ways to assess rarity, and the most advantageous locations and times to search for it.
The reader also is introduced to the science of how sea glass develops its uniquely frosted patina. LaMotte explains how crystalline formations on the surface ofsea glass shards transform them into highly prized gems..

Sea Bean Convention this weekend! 13th annual!

Ok going to go for sure!
Sat. my day to go and enjoy the convention!
I love sea beanz, beach combing (hello live a few blocks from the beach)
The Convention is at: Cocoa Beach Library!
A really kewl book I have wanted to Get Sea Glass (has beautiful pics,etc)
He is their keynote speaker! :)
I will be joining the group this weekend. As becoming a member!
I am such a ocean nerd! :)
Love anything that is connected to the beach!
So come by this weekend and maybe we will see each other!

Carved Sandalwood Beadz SCORED!

Ok got them,
same beads 27 things use!
I love those beads, they were hard to find!
I did find them after looking high and low and far and wide!
Not cheap either, but they are gorgeous. I got one strand to check them out,
Love them~
Ok new line will be forming at the rear! Bliss BEads!
Can't wait!
I also had a great gathering at Artisans for peace.
We made prayer mala beads 27 that is. :)
So they are a bit too big for the wrist, but rock on!
I loved them
Everyone was so talented, all men too~ :)
I am so happy Happy joy joy

Artisans for Peace first meeting Sucess!

We did it! Five of us came together (all guys, and me!), to create Mala Prayer beads for our first Artisans of Peace Meeting! :)

Each person created a incredible Mala Prayer Bead (27 beads), and we had a not traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. We did set merit for peace, love and understanding, as well as

joyful Sangha groove!

I am still working on making killer tassels....Not there yet.

Here is another wonderful description on creating prayer beads
Go to this link for a great description on prayer beads:Return to the
It is a great source for all info on peace and prayer beads!
Hopefully we will get pictures of the prayer beads that were made last nite!

Seven Practices for Peace One Each Day

Again from the Peace is the Way Global Community

Sunday: Being for Peace

Today, take 5 minutes to meditate for peace. Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Put your attention on your heart and inwardly repeat these four words: Peace, Harmony, Laughter, Love. Allow these words to radiate from your heart’s stillness out into your body.
As you end your meditation, say to yourself, “Today I will relinquish all resentments and grievances.” Bring into your mind anyone against whom you have a grievance and let it go. Send that person your forgiveness

Monday: Thinking for Peace

Thinking has power when it is backed by intention. Today, introduce the intention of peace in your thoughts. Take a few moments of silence, then repeat this ancient prayer:
Let me be loved, let me be happy, let me be peaceful.
Let my friends be happy, loved, and peaceful.
Let my perceived enemies be happy, loved, and peaceful.
Let all beings be happy, loved, and peaceful.
Let the whole world experience t…

Nine Principles for Conflict Resolution and Peace Negotiations

9 Principles for Conflict Resolution and Peace Negotiations as follows:

1. Agree that you will treat each other respectfully.
2. Recognize each side feels victimized by a sense of injustice.
3. Be ready to forgive and ask for forgiveness.
4. Refrain from belligerence.
5. Practice emotional intelligence.
6. Recognize that the other side may have values different from yours or foreign to you.
7. Don't make the other side appear wrong.
8. Refrain from bringing in discussions about ideology.
9. Recognize fear as a factor on both sides. '

from: Peace is the Way global community

Vacation with w/a Purpose!

Vacation with a Purpose~

International Volunteer Workcamps

I found this site while cruising Craigslist.
It is wonderful. So for your next Vaca check them out and see if there is meaningful work and a incredible location/experience for you to enjoy!

From their website:
Visit Website
Participating in an international short term volunteer project ( so called Workcamp ) can be an exciting prospect. It is an interesting and meaningful way to travel with purpose and spend 2-3 weeks in a foreign environment. Working and living together with other young people from around the world provides an excellent opportunity to make many new friends, learn about unknown places and culture, gain new skills and experience. Your time, energy, and enthusiasm can make a difference in areas where help is really needed.

Bog action day: Topic: Poverty: Spiritual and Physical

Ok first off,
Not only as a nation/country do we have physical poverty, but we suffer more from spiritual poverty.

We see the homeless person on the side of the road, do we give and feel good, or do we scoff?As Buddhist we hopefully give with a willing and compassionate heart.
Being Buddhist doesn't mean living the buddhist lifestyle when people are watching, but doing it when no one is around, random acts of kindness, etc.

Poverty is a subject at this time that many people fear.
With the news of the market going down, down, down, and now starting to go up, with our national bailout program, Nationalization of some banks, foreclosures, job losses, all add up to the FEAR of poverty.

We are the richest nation in the country. Period.
Yet we are the most unsatisifed. Hence Retail Therapy, Bigger houses, credit card debt, etc.We tend to spend externally, to heal internally. Reconnect for just a moment, if possible.

These are times that require us to re evaluate our life. Do we need more?
Or do …

Peace Meter: How Peaceful are you????

Check out this link It is a online test you take to see how peaceful you really are! :)

How peaceful are YOU? Take the test below to see how peaceful you are in your life, your relationships and the world. The test contains 39 questions. When you are finished taking the online test, your scores will be added and you will be presented with the results. Try not to over evaluate your answers and just answer your first instinct. Have fun!

It is fun!

Falun Gong Daily Practice for Internal Peace

Falun Gong is a practice that has five different "forms".
Here is the website~
It is easy to remember, great for meditation (since the last "form", is lotus position), and can be easily done daily~
I find that I even remember the simple moves during the day and do them.
You can download the videos, books, etc. All info is free of charge.
Also, you can check the Florida website to see if a locale practitioner has classes, as they do all classes also for free of charge.
It is supposedly the largest form of QiGong that is done in the world. Something like 100 million people.
It is outlawed in China and practitioners are being persecuted for doing it, as well as tortured, murdered and so many other awful things.
Falun Gong is a wonderful way to create inner peace and enjoy your meditation even deeper!

Vipassana Meditation Ten day Southeast Retreat

If we don't move and we stay put here, I am planning on going to this retreat for ten days.
The website is here for more info

These are the dates I will be attending: from Nov 12 to Nov 23, 2008

Vipassana is one of India's most ancient meditation techniques. Long lost to humanity, it was rediscovered by Gotama the Buddha more than 2500 years ago. Vipassana means seeing things as they really are. It is the process of self-purification by self-observation. One begins by observing the natural breath to concentrate the mind. With a sharpened awareness one proceeds to observe the changing nature of body and mind, and experiences the universal truths of impermanence, suffering and egolessness. This truth-realization by direct experience is the process of purification. The entire path (Dhamma) is a universal remedy for universal problems, and has nothing to do with any organized religion or sectarianism. For this reason, it can be practiced freely by everyone, at any time, in any place,…

Blog Action Day October 15th

Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.
One Issue, Thousands of Voices
Global issues like poverty are extremely complex. There is no simple, clear answer. By asking thousands of different people to give their viewpoints and opinions, Blog Action Day creates an extraordinary lens through which to view these issues. Each blogger brings their own perspective and ideas. Each blogger posts relating to their own blog topic. And each blogger engages their audience differently.
What is the aim of Blog Action Day?
First and last, the purpose of Blog Action Day is to create a discussion. We ask bloggers to take a single day out of their schedule and focus it on an important issue.
…the blogging community effectively changes the conversation on the web and focuses audiences around the globe on that issue.
By doing so on …

Space Coast Progressive Fest Event!

Went great yesterday!
We turned alot of people on to Artisans for Peace Event!
It was great~
It seems as though we may have alot of people interested in partaking in it!
It is non denominational...

So the message is getting out.
Well slowly but surely, we also may hold a meeting in Palm Bay..
Artisans for Peace will grow, slowly but surely!

Drumming for Peace Tonite Is Cancelled.. :(

Mother nature is crying! :(
But it's all good. We will not though be drumming at the beach~
Since it is really a kewl dealo and all to drum at the beach..
But not in rain.. Since the drums don't hold up to well, and people get wet, and all that jazz.
So we will think and pray and chant for peace!

Ok making new stuff for Fall and beyond!

Ok I do love Etsy..

I love everything about them!
Including the ability to surf Etsy and find some dakine Finds!
Too Kewl!
I have been looking hi and low for hand carved sandalwood, rosewood beads!
I love them..

SO hard to find for sure..

I love 27 things on Etsy! She makes beautiful bracelets and I love her hang tags..

Too Kewl!

I have kinda well in my own way taken the idea further.

I will start making these meditation bracelets in the next few weeks!
Or next week!

We are part of the Progressive Fest (BCBF) and are going to sell mala bracelets and things that are related to peace!

So it seems as though we will be busy! 1000 people are expected :)

So I will be busy this coming week for sure for sure!

I love the beads Rosewood carved! She currently doesn't have any for sale :(
Here is her link :

Ok well off to finish laundry and get ready for the week.
I can't wait to start making those bracelets.
Will take pictures and post them..
Ya right! hahahaha

Correct spelling: Tatan Ka Beads

They are also no longer online (they had a good online bizz I believe)..

Tanaka Beads in Cocoa Village has closed :(

Ok I guess I am way behind the eight ball.
It seems That Tanaka has closed.
They had notices that said 30 percent off...
Oh well missed that sell for sure.

They had the kewlest sign.
It had beads following after the name..
They took the sign down too..

Gee another place bites the dust..
I had bought some mop dyed heish in pink and blue there
a few months back and wondered why their inventory was low.
Well I guess I got my answer.

Scrapbook Cottage Closing :(

I just find this place and now it is closing forever..
I mean geez...
I could have spent hours in their looking and oggling the
Stamping and Altered Art making goodies!
Now it is Micheals, Jo Anns, and well not sure......
Such a drag...
I mean it was such kewl stuff and really had alot of things I have
never seen in a store before (I haven't been in a rubber stamp shoope since I dunno when!)
Ok there is that Stamp shop in Cocoa Village, but I seem to miss it...

Ok as far as bead shoppes is Island Beads and also that bead shop in Merritt Island..
Baskets and Beads...
Or something like that..
They had some beautiful stuff.
I mean some nice stuff for sure!

It's so all good..
Also Tanaka in Cocoa Village area they are nice too..
Natural hemp products and some kewl died mop I got there last time I popped in..
Ok with my hUbby bad idea for sure!

Working on new projects this week and new outlet for my goodies

Just getting back in the swing after being in Seattle..
I love my new beadz, and am looking at them wondering what beautiful peices will come out of them>>>>
I mean it is so great to have a nice area of beads, stash, so I can really go to town!
For sure!
For Sure!
Unity sold all the peices I put in there...
So now I have to refill the necklaces..
I also am going to add bracelets...
I am looking forward to getting stuff new and fresh in their.
I have some pieces that I haven't put on Etsy, and I might just go straight to Unity with them...
They are Tropical Delic Silver Gemstone pieces...
Including Earrings.. (new for me)......
I will take pictures though..

So many beads, so little time...
So many stamps,,, So little Time...

Universal Peace Prayer Non Denominational 30 Day Commitment to Internal and External PEACE Baby!

This is our Buddhist Fellowship Prayer that we say no matter what event we have.We ask that you consider saying this prayer and emailing this prayer, copying and letting others know about it!
It is truly non denominational (ok maybe not spelling that right!) and a beautiful way to start your day, or start your day over..See the Change you Wish to Be.Do it for thirty days.. And feel your heart open and your compassion grow and hurts and pains from the past release!

Let's be that Change! Today!

From the Metta Sutra
“May all beings be filled with joy and peace.
May all beings everywhere,The strong and the weak,
The great and the small,The mean and the powerful,
The short and the long,
the subtle and the gross:
May all beings everywhere,
Seen and unseen,
Dwelling far off or nearby,
Being or waiting to become:
May all be filled with lasting joy.
Let no one deceive another,
Let no one anywhere despise another,
Let no one out of anger or resentment
Wish suffering on anyone at all.

Drumming for Peace this Sunday at the Beach!

Join us as we do a informal Drumming for Peace.
We will say the Universal Love Prayer, and Drum our way to peace and bliss!
Allow the drums, beach and the beautiful water to take you to another place and time!
One of world peace, world unity and world love! One world, One Joy!
Sunday, 7 PM Canova Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Florida!

Om Mani Padme Hum Chant O Matic Free Download

Ok did this love this!

It is a free (donations are appreciated) Download (and don't worry about the windows 2000 note coming up when you download it works fine on xp) that is awesome!

You download it and then can play it in the background continuously!!!!! It is monks saying om mani padme hum. The idea is to make your puter a prayer wheel! :)

Listening to it and then turning others on to it is a way of promoting world peace!
So turn on, tune in, and chant on!

Om Mani Padme Hum Chant O Matic

New Banner Sample


New Banner for LITM

Well it seems that I can never really truly be happy with any banner I have.. Made by me or someone else.. :(
I just don't feel it...
So I did get a new one (another new one) for the store..
Will see how long that stays up for! hahahaha

We are having a Space Coast Jewelry Gathering today in Melbourne! Yah!
Problemo is that I am so Jet Lagged still! UGH!
I mean I didn't realize that eight hours of flying one way, and cold, wet, damp weather
would make it so I was feeling wierd spacially!!!
So I am going to just study up on the Reiki Level One Class... and look at the waves, and chill.
I still can't believe the beautiful weather we came back too! It is like the hot hell dayz of Summer ending while we were gone! YAH
I am also going to post more goodies up on my Etsy site, ok can you say about time??
I have been dragging my feet, body, mind, spirit on that one!
I did also get a nice gift when I got home, ok other then the incredibly delic weather, my new inspirion min…

One Million Peace Signs Join in the Fun!

Friend of Mine Deb sent this too me......
I love this site and going to take some peace sign pictures! Also like the page Peace in Every Language! Yah Baby!One Million Peace Signs!

Peace and Prayers to the Dying Sea Turtles on the Beach in Brevard Today

After just jetting back from Seattle, I had to go to the beach, I love and live for the beach. Our beautiful natural resource, well one of many!
And low and behold, there were several Sea Turtle Eggs getting pulled out to sea.. And we did try to save them, but really I was told by Channel 13 News, that they checked with Sea Turtle Preservation Society and the only thing you can do is to move them toward higher ground, or sand I should say. And say a prayer, that's it. I did see people taking the eggs home, but I felt and believe they would probably die for sure then.
And as sad as it was, it is a cycle of life for Sea Turtles. They have lived thru horrible storms, erosion of the beach, etc and they still exist. I am one for saying a half hour worth of Om Mani Padme Hum Chants for all Sea Life, especially the Sea Turtles that will not make it this time around..
So is the cycle of life just as in the five remeberances:

Five Remembrances
“I am of the nature to grow old.
There is no way to …

Beads come to life in WS

Ok how was I to know?? We were literally five minutes from Shipwreck beads, the largest bead store/online bizz in the world! 37 isles of pure bead bliss! :) Gotta love it!
Ok also, it was really crazy... I did not look up bead stores before bolting to WS... I just felt they would find me.. And so it was.. Barb, my bro in law's grrlfriend, said, hey you like beads, Shipwreck is like five minutes away! Ok bliss bead bliss, creative bliss! Happy dayz!So we truck on down there and it was amazing.. 37 isles of bliss, even a little eatting area....hmmm.. We got a all natural acai berry smoothie, bottle of water and I was off. I acutally have been doing jewelry so long, that I was able to go thru isle after isle in less then one hour.. I bolted... I also knew what I was looking for.. And had peeps waiting on me... :(
So I did get a score though.. two bags of Rudraksha beads for our peace/mala bracelets for Artisans for peace project! YAH! I also got some other kewl personal stash finds.. W…
Making Malas

Let's start off with how to make meditation or prayer beads. The proper number for a wrist band is 27 beads. If you have a lot of beads available then the full length worn around the neck is 108 beads strung together. I recommend using heavy thread such as nylon string and doubling it over. Keep back a 6 inch piece of string at the beginning to use after the beads are strung on.Before the first bead, and between each bead strung on, I take the time to tie one or two knots - whatever it takes to hold the beads in place. When the last bead is knotted I use embroidery floss to make a small tassel.How to make the tasselUse a 36 inch piece of 6 strand embroidery thread. Fold it into 6 lengths. Set it aside for the moment. Tie together the free ends of string from making the prayer beads. Now lay the folds of embroidery floss across the knotted spot, center it and tie the tassel on with 2 knots. Use a separate 6 inch piece of embroidery thread to gather the tassel together n…

Rudraksha beads bags of them found in Olympia, WA

Ok how was I to know?? We were literally five minutes from Shipwreck beads, the largest bead store/online bizz in the world! 37 isles of pure bead bliss! :) Gotta love it!

Ok also, it was really crazy... I did not look up bead stores before bolting to WS... I just felt they would find me.. And so it was.. Barb, my bro in law's grrlfriend, said, hey you like beads, Shipwreck is like five minutes away! Ok bliss bead bliss, creative bliss! Happy dayz!
So we truck on down there and it was amazing.. 37 isles of bliss, even a little eatting area....hmmm.. We got a all natural acai berry smoothie, bottle of water and I was off. I acutally have been doing jewelry so long, that I was able to go thru isle after isle in less then one hour.. I bolted... I also knew what I was looking for.. And had peeps waiting on me... :(

So I did get a score though.. two bags of Rudraksha beads for our peace/mala bracelets for Artisans for peace project! YAH! I also got some other kewl personal stash finds.. …

Washington State and Peaceful Moments

I am in Washington State with Tony visiting Tony's WS Family members and exploring the state.
While we were in Olympia area, one morning sitting outside (ok it is cold, cooler here) bundled up and at peace at a family members backyard enjoying the ambiance that has been created, and of course peace and quiet, when we are suddenly shocked back to reality with boom, boom, boom..... And it continued. We found out that the sound was guns going off. Fort Lewis Military Base and that is pretty close to where we were staying.... Fort Lewis has a regular routine of shooting off guns. They actually publish it in the paper, so you know when not to sit outside and enjoy your garden, coffee, etc...
I found this interesting.. I had a preconceived idea that WS is so mucho more consciously awake then Florida. So much more open and aware of the importance of peace, etc.I do want to mention that I had been saying Om mani padme hum chant for about hour while sitting outside before the sounds of guns …

When it rains it pours!

I have some incredible pieces at What you love to do in Cocoa Village, Great shoppe, great peeps!
And this bracelet has been there for about three months.. And it finally sold, then someone else came in the next day or so for it! Funny! Ahhhhh..
I know that is the deal with selling your stuff.. Been there and done that and done that... :)
Ok also, I find that well doing custom work is a pain, I would rather sell what I have, unless I know the person then it is a wonderful exchange of energy... Also I must side note, that that's how I feel today.. Tommorow I may be all for custom work! I use to do alot when I sold jewelry for a living.. I loved doing it then! :)

Ok I am a huge sell out when it comes to Ipods.. I just ordered the I I touch Second Edition I pod.. It just came out, seems like that is always the deal.. I get their updated emails and most of the time delete them before I read them, but of course I say the new Nano.. I had to see it and picked open the email and book chroma…

May All Beings Be filled with Joy and Peace Sept. 11, 2008

May all beings everywhere,
Seen and Unseen Tall and Short, Fat and the Skinny, Beautiful and Ugly, Mean and the Kind, Angry and Sad All Sentient Beings Everywhere Have Peace As today is the 11 Days of Unity Starts off Today. May this day be beautiful for all and Peace Rein in the World Today and Forever Om Mani Padme Hum