Beaded Prayer Project

Beaded Prayer Project

My friend Deb Taylor turned me on to this project! Check out her blog at:
What is the Beaded Prayers Project?The project engages people of all ages and backgrounds to create beaded packets that contain their prayers, wishes, hopes or dreams. Each participant creates two sealed beaded packets: one to keep in celebration of individuality and the other for the travelling exhibit, Beaded Blessings, which is displayed in sites throughout the world in celebration of unity and diversity.

Why is it called the Beaded Prayers Project?The word prayer is used because the project comes from the Old English word for "bead", biddan, which means "to ask or to pray". Sonya Clark combined the history of the words "bead" and "prayer" with her research into the healing and protective amulet traditions of the African Diaspora to create the Beaded Prayers Project.

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