Beads come to life in WS

Ok how was I to know?? We were literally five minutes from Shipwreck beads, the largest bead store/online bizz in the world! 37 isles of pure bead bliss! :) Gotta love it!
Ok also, it was really crazy... I did not look up bead stores before bolting to WS... I just felt they would find me.. And so it was.. Barb, my bro in law's grrlfriend, said, hey you like beads, Shipwreck is like five minutes away! Ok bliss bead bliss, creative bliss! Happy dayz!So we truck on down there and it was amazing.. 37 isles of bliss, even a little eatting area....hmmm.. We got a all natural acai berry smoothie, bottle of water and I was off. I acutally have been doing jewelry so long, that I was able to go thru isle after isle in less then one hour.. I bolted... I also knew what I was looking for.. And had peeps waiting on me... :(
So I did get a score though.. two bags of Rudraksha beads for our peace/mala bracelets for Artisans for peace project! YAH! I also got some other kewl personal stash finds.. Will post them when I get back.. So really, I scored scored scored!

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