Labor Dayz Newzz

This was the style of the armband we receive free from the kewl chickiepoo who made them and handed them out at the Peace Rally in Melbourne on Saturday :)Our Group plans on making these as well as other kewl creative stuff, bracelets, a flag, post cards,etc etc etc!

Rock on Peaceniks!

Today is gorgeous out btw! I am going to Jo-Ann's for their big labor day weekend sale.. I have my list of goodies needed to start some of our new projects we will be working on....Today is also the day I start backup with my art healing journal! :) It has started to be fun, oh yah better then therapy, crying, or being depressed for days! I use chipboard cut outs, rubber stamps, colored pencils, stamp pads, sponges, markers, words from magazines, etc etc..I got the idea last nite from looking thru a few art journal books and ATC books too take pictures of the pages I dig in my Healing Art Journal and copying them and glueing them on the ATC cards... That could be interesting.. Cause some of my stuff is so colorful and playful, other pages are dark and sad.. But the kewl thing is,, it is coming out of me and I just like that it isn't so painful, more though provoking, almost as though I am looking at someone elses work.. :)

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