New Banner for LITM

Well it seems that I can never really truly be happy with any banner I have.. Made by me or someone else.. :(
I just don't feel it...

So I did get a new one (another new one) for the store..

Will see how long that stays up for! hahahaha

We are having a Space Coast Jewelry Gathering today in Melbourne! Yah!
Problemo is that I am so Jet Lagged still! UGH!

I mean I didn't realize that eight hours of flying one way, and cold, wet, damp weather

would make it so I was feeling wierd spacially!!!

So I am going to just study up on the Reiki Level One Class... and look at the waves, and chill.

I still can't believe the beautiful weather we came back too! It is like the hot hell dayz of Summer ending while we were gone! YAH
I am also going to post more goodies up on my Etsy site, ok can you say about time??

I have been dragging my feet, body, mind, spirit on that one!

I did also get a nice gift when I got home, ok other then the incredibly delic weather, my new inspirion mini! Can you say small, petite, cute, fun??????
It rocks out baby!

It will take a bit to get use to the key board, but after that I will be flying on that little cutie patutie!

I am so blessed, the Doggies were happy to see us, I missed them so much, Michael did a great job of taking care of them! They are such a huge blessing in our lives! I can't believe I left them for a whole week! UGH! Karma and Zen beautiful little beings of light! :)

Ok back to my healthy drink Tony made for me, that I also missed while being away!

Back to the lovely routine of Satellite Beach Bliss life! :)

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