Organic Cotton & Hemp Ribbon for Making bracelets Idea

Ok saw these on Etsy! Love them.. I ordered some organic hemp/cotton ribbon to make bracelets from, with the word peace stamped on them. This is where I got the idea.. I love this Etsy Grrl's stuff! check her out at: Palomas Nest
She was a featured Etsy Seller! Great reading about her too...
I dunno but to me Etsy is like (well my hubby thinks so) my great love on line.. Blogging is another, and of course getting together and creating...
I may go to the Flea Market on Eau Gallie before I jet off to Seattle (sounds so luxurious) hahaa... He has good stuff, Kewl Beads, or something like that.. Nice Coral, Turqouise stuff.. Unreal actually how nice his stuff is and how great the prices are! Rock on!

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