Peace begans at home and in our hearts... First and Foremost~

And alot easier said then done!

To be at Peace is a state of mind, or rather heart. To be in acceptance of all that occurs, as well as all that we encounter. Knowing that everything is as it should be. Letting go, accepting, embracing. Our Western culture shows us how to hold on, to our stuff, to our thoughts, our tribal upbringings, and to our way of life. Change is not a word most of us are comfortable with. Unfortunately it is the only constant... EVER~

If my heart is open then my mind can be at rest.. My heart hears, sees, and thinks for me. My mind is useful for alot of stuff, although at this moment I don't remember what! Hahaha~

I have made a commitment to increase the peace within in home.. With my doggies, Hubby, myself and anyone who enters our home. That is the starting spot for me. And I am able to start little by little following along that commitment. Bathing my doggies in love, accepting my hubbys personality and little quirks, as well as giving him space to manuever in life. I am also giving myself the ability to manuever in life without judgement and the self critic.

It seems as though the ability to be, to live, to enjoy comes from my acceptance and peace toward myself..

Working on that one, that is a for sure constant!

I have found online some really kewl pictures of peace.

That I dig and am sharing them!

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