Peace Corner Event Today

Am going to the Event today at 6pm.
I am hoping to have Peace today wrist bands in the
next few weeks.. :)
Our group will be making them for our first project.
I have ordered Hemp/Cotton Organic Ribbon,
Tin full of shell buttons, Peace word stamp
and pinking sissors. We will also be doing a tad bit
of sewing of the button~
They can be worn till they fall off~
I am hoping to get a group together in the next two weeks or so..
I will print up some playbills I think they are called,
and work toward getting folx together!
Come together right now, in the name of art!

This is the event that meets First Wed of the month
First Wednesday of the month at the "Peace Corner" 1700 West New Haven (just west of the Melbourne Square Mall) 6-7:30pm. Signs provided or bring your own. Please bring nonperishable food items for "Food Not Bombs". Food is distributed to local families in need. More info 321-720-3520 or Organization: Patriots For Peace

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