Peace March in Melbourne on Saturday Update and Beginning of Artisans of Peace

Well yesterday was amazzzzzing! With our peeps for sure.

Out of the Peace March this group was created, and the women who inspired me was the lovely lady giving out peace armbands that were knitted... Lovely Lovely Stuff!

Our Buddhist Fellowship has been wanting to do a Creative Zen Group where we get together and do creative stuff but this seems to have taken on a life of it's own.

Micheal and Tony last nite really solidified it for us. We talked about what we could make, etc, and were originally going to call it Hookers for Peace!

But I realized today we aren't going to just be doing crocheting, but also a few other ideas came to me..

So Artisans for Peace! We will meet once monthly (or more if folx want to) at Unity Church in Melbourne, and create stuff to hand out at Peace Marches, Rallys, events, etc.
Unity of Melbourne is having Peace in Park, so we will be making something for everyone for that day.I will post a picture of the armband that (I don't know her name at this time) lovely lady handed out to the group! :)

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