Scrapbook Cottage Closing :(

I just find this place and now it is closing forever..
I mean geez...
I could have spent hours in their looking and oggling the
Stamping and Altered Art making goodies!
Now it is Micheals, Jo Anns, and well not sure......
Such a drag...
I mean it was such kewl stuff and really had alot of things I have
never seen in a store before (I haven't been in a rubber stamp shoope since I dunno when!)
Ok there is that Stamp shop in Cocoa Village, but I seem to miss it...

Ok as far as bead shoppes is Island Beads and also that bead shop in Merritt Island..
Baskets and Beads...
Or something like that..
They had some beautiful stuff.
I mean some nice stuff for sure!

It's so all good..
Also Tanaka in Cocoa Village area they are nice too..
Natural hemp products and some kewl died mop I got there last time I popped in..
Ok with my hUbby bad idea for sure!

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