Spa Day Today

Ok what could be better?

I create my own spa dayz, to one, make me feel gooooood, and two to pamper myself before we fly away on the big bird Monday.. Since it is so drying to the skin... :(
But also, I am feeling the need to just be today. I am listening to Easy Listening tunes on my tv, and writing in my blogs, and reading blogs, and just being. May do some etsy searches...

Ok for my bath I do: 2 extra large pieces of Sea Weed, I use kelp, but any big pieces will do.
2 cups of Lavender sea salts.. A few drops of tea tree... I use Get Real Lemon Scrub Soap (all natural of course!), and while in the tub, I rub the sea weed all over me, it has a oily feel to it, and make sure to lay it on my face for at least five minutes... ahhh..
Then when done in the tube, you can take a cold shower.. Today I didn't I may later though..
I also drink water, tea while in the tube, today I have jasmine tea :)
Once out of the tub, I put a natural sea weed mask on my face for about fifteen minutes or so.
Relax, listen to music, etc..
Then rinse, and apply this organic refined bamboo scrub... It is a really intense fine scrub, and it feels great, but today before that I used Planet Spa Hawaiian Volcanic Mask Scrub, it isn't a refined. My grrlfriend sells Avon and I use it (even though it isn't all natural, I love it, and Reiki it before every use!)...
Then after all that I spritz my face with a tea tree oil and distilled water spirtz, and apply jojoba and gotu kola oil under eyes and between brow....
Hmmmm Feel really good now..
I just disconnect from everyone, even my doggies, they are having fun with my hubby laying around and chilling...
I also make up the bed nice, clean up the bathroom nice nice, and put on nice loungey cloths... :)
Although I try to do that everyday, after all if you want to manifest beauty and prospierty then start at home!
Ahhhh, is all I can say!

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