Wacky Women Artist

This is such a fun group! I love them! Rock on!

Here is their link to yahoo group:

We meet monthly from 1:30-5 Second Thursday of the month..

At What you love to do, in Cocoa Village, Brevard Ave, next door or near

Murdocks Restaurant...

We meet and talk, and laugh, and hug and share! It is wonderful!
Everyone makes such kewl stuff and they are really beautiful pieces!

SO talented, and different. I think right now I am the only one doing cards,

altered paper art.. I have stuff to take to them to give away.. To share!
It is such great bliss out Creative Artisan Blues time!

When I Say Artisan Blues, I mean like Blue is my fav color and I see it

as the sky, sea, ocean, eyes, berries.......


So tommorow is a fun day! After Spa Day! Yah!

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