Washington State and Peaceful Moments

I am in Washington State with Tony visiting Tony's WS Family members and exploring the state.
While we were in Olympia area, one morning sitting outside (ok it is cold, cooler here) bundled up and at peace at a family members backyard enjoying the ambiance that has been created, and of course peace and quiet, when we are suddenly shocked back to reality with boom, boom, boom..... And it continued. We found out that the sound was guns going off. Fort Lewis Military Base and that is pretty close to where we were staying.... Fort Lewis has a regular routine of shooting off guns. They actually publish it in the paper, so you know when not to sit outside and enjoy your garden, coffee, etc...
I found this interesting.. I had a preconceived idea that WS is so mucho more consciously awake then Florida. So much more open and aware of the importance of peace, etc.I do want to mention that I had been saying Om mani padme hum chant for about hour while sitting outside before the sounds of guns went off. I realized we could have gotten up made signs and went to protest at the entrance of the Military Base and letting them know peace is the answer, etc. But what I realized at that time that the most powerful thing we can do as a society is pray, chant, meditate. Whatever the flavor maybe, that is the change we wish to see.
So peace is not necessarily canned and labeled in WS, and the consciousness isn't necessarily branded here. See the Change you wish to be, live it, breath it, right where you are!

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