When it rains it pours!

I have some incredible pieces at What you love to do in Cocoa Village, Great shoppe, great peeps!

And this bracelet has been there for about three months.. And it finally sold, then someone else came in the next day or so for it! Funny! Ahhhhh..

I know that is the deal with selling your stuff.. Been there and done that and done that... :)

Ok also, I find that well doing custom work is a pain, I would rather sell what I have, unless I know the person then it is a wonderful exchange of energy... Also I must side note, that that's how I feel today.. Tommorow I may be all for custom work! I use to do alot when I sold jewelry for a living.. I loved doing it then! :)

Ok I am a huge sell out when it comes to Ipods.. I just ordered the I I touch Second Edition I pod.. It just came out, seems like that is always the deal.. I get their updated emails and most of the time delete them before I read them, but of course I say the new Nano.. I had to see it and picked open the email and book chromatic brilliant colors and slim little design.. But it looks like it would break easy!!! So tiny tiny and thin and petite and fragile.. At least to me! They had it at Circuit City in Melbourne at the Mall! They only had chrome black! But now have chrome blue! I only saw it in the package just so tiny! Awesome colors though! I opted for sixty dollars more to get the touch 2nd generation.. It is so easy to use and awesome features.. Being online Yah !! Videos, lectures, dvds, etc etc!

I love that you can do like almost everything from it, even blog! Esp when I am on the road or traveling like I will be doing! :)

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