Falun Gong Daily Practice for Internal Peace

Falun Gong is a practice that has five different "forms".
Here is the website~
It is easy to remember, great for meditation (since the last "form", is lotus position), and can be easily done daily~
I find that I even remember the simple moves during the day and do them.
You can download the videos, books, etc. All info is free of charge.
Also, you can check the Florida website to see if a locale practitioner has classes, as they do all classes also for free of charge.
It is supposedly the largest form of QiGong that is done in the world. Something like 100 million people.
It is outlawed in China and practitioners are being persecuted for doing it, as well as tortured, murdered and so many other awful things.
Falun Gong is a wonderful way to create inner peace and enjoy your meditation even deeper!

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