Ok making new stuff for Fall and beyond!

Ok I do love Etsy..

I love everything about them!
Including the ability to surf Etsy and find some dakine Finds!
Too Kewl!
I have been looking hi and low for hand carved sandalwood, rosewood beads!
I love them..

SO hard to find for sure..

I love 27 things on Etsy! She makes beautiful bracelets and I love her hang tags..

Too Kewl!

I have kinda well in my own way taken the idea further.

I will start making these meditation bracelets in the next few weeks!
Or next week!

We are part of the Progressive Fest (BCBF) and are going to sell mala bracelets and things that are related to peace!

So it seems as though we will be busy! 1000 people are expected :)

So I will be busy this coming week for sure for sure!

I love the beads Rosewood carved! She currently doesn't have any for sale :(
Here is her link :

Ok well off to finish laundry and get ready for the week.
I can't wait to start making those bracelets.
Will take pictures and post them..
Ya right! hahahaha

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