Saturday, November 29, 2008

Prayers for India from: YTDR Foundation

Tulku Karma Rinpoche would like to make a special request from you to participate in a prayer for those who have suffered due to the attacks in Mumbai. India, the historical birthplace of Buddhism, is today home to approximately 150,000 Tibetan refugees including HH the Dalai Lama, and the Government of Tibet in Exile has been a protectorate of India for several decades. In Rinpoche’s own words, "India is a great country that has given a so much love and wisdom to all beings".

He requests that his students, well wishers, and friends join him in prayer this Friday evening Nov 28th at 8PM PST, tomorrow Saturday Nov 29th morning at 8AM PST and again on Saturday evening at 8PM PST.

Prayers should be performed preferably at home, holding a candle light, and reciting the following mantras:

For those who are in fear and terror,
“Om Ah Hung Benzar Guru Pad Ma Sedi Hung ),

For those who have been killed,
“Om Ah Mi Dewa Hri”

For those families who are left behind with sadness,
“Om Mani Pad Mey Hung”

- Blessings from your Rinpoche

Monday, November 24, 2008

Finally settling in to Cali and finding my way

Ok when I usually move, which I do alot, :(, it only takes a bit to get in the swing of things.. But it has been in different parts of Fla.. Now with Cali, it's different, vibe, feel, environment, on and on..
And the time change, I am tired at like 8pm at nite! hahaa! Never did that before!
Sleeping well and it seems the weather, atmosphere really fits me! I love it!
We have our Table and chairs outside so we eat outside, like my heritage of Italianos did and do! We have views of the mountain on our back private porch where we eat, so romantic, isn't it darlin! haha..
So it seems like the views we have from our bed and bedroom, balcony of the ocean and beach, mountains, is what I would think of in Italy! :)

Ok as far as peaceful vibes go, there is actually a peace store in downtown SB! It is truly way overpriced, but it has a huge sign that says THE WAR HAS ENDED! I want it for sure!

And there are alot of vintage *upcycled Stores, as well as coffee shops, etc..
I am going to check on Borders for a place for Artisans for peace to meet!
Yah Baby rock on!

Blast off to Downtown SB!

My inagural visit to Downtown SB was incredible! Ok thanks in part of wonderful Hubby, and thankx in part to self discovery!
We went to I think it was called beadin around in~
They are moving so having a fifty percent off sale.
Ok really it was way overpriced for Jewelry Artisans, but it was way kewl to find a beautiful strand of dyed turqouise in a blue green variety unseen by my eyes before..They were somewhat though in rough shape, and sizes...But I figured I could make five beautiful bracelets out of themm..
Then found ok LISTEN UP, Lucky Store..
Now I am no label whore, but Lucky and Levi's are my fav!:)
American Classics with peace and love intertwined!
I was in love as I looked thru the store, unfortunately I couldn't afford anything at full price, and even if I could, I would spend it on beadz first!
But in the back there was a area of 50 percent off stuff/.OK LOVE IT, not 20 percent, but 50!And they had the Buddha Hoodie that I saw online and wanted so badly, but wouldn't pay 88 bucks for..!!!!!
It was amazing.. Then a really kewl Silvertone peace sign charm bracelet (ok you know I am going to tear it apart for jewelry!)
And a beautiful ok I admit I am not past buying leather/suede, Suede purse that was 50 percent off! It was gorgeous fall colors with different waves of sued sewed on it.. There purses rock out, anyhoo, all there purses do!
Ok then it was like incredible to learn that SB is where the folx from Lucky are from and that I was in the flagship store and that is where it started at!
OK then we went to Macy's and it rocked out. NOt like Melbourne Macy's,,, But kewl stuff.
Got a mandala shirt and a japanese print shirt for like 16 bucks each.. Ok Marshall prices for sure for sure!
This is so kewl it is unreal..And to top it off our kewl landlord /neighbors and we meet at the Sojourner Vegan friendly din din.. So much good food. For sure..
Ok I still can't believe that we are in Cali and live here!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Shipwreck beads have the carved beautiful wood flower beads finally back in stock after two months!

Ordered 250 of them..
Ok also I am so excited I went to the B & B (I think it is warehouse in W Melbourne...
They are a awesome couple who have a great eye for beadz! I am only sad I won't be hanging out more with them! I hope to catch up with them in Tucson!
They are so kewl~
I really dig some of the beautiful new stuff I got before heading out to Cali!
I mean fantabulous!
New Cali Style Designs! For sure!
I haven't even purused to see if there are any kewl beanz bead shoppes in Carp or Santa Barbara, or even Ventura!
Rock on! To have choices!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Final Run to Cali

In Gila Bend now and staying at the Space Age Lodge! Go figure it looks like it belongs in Titusville, not Gila Bend! :)
But it has a kewl jetson, retro vibe that I love love love! Like being on route 66~
The great news is we are only 400 miles from our target! Ventura, Cali.
What a long strange trip it's been~ Ok so ripped that off from the Dead, but truly a sentiment for these times..
Alot to look toward, sad to leave great great loving friends, and the moment is one of sore, tired and focus!
I do miss Florida, but different that I expected.
More for of course friends, and locations, but kinda like a comfortable pair of shoes, but not my most fav ones...
There is peace in knowing that we are exactly where we are suppose to be. Micheal and I are like a old married couple... haha.. Thank gosh we love each other, cause sometimes we don't like each other, hmmm like any married couple! haha..
We are both tired and worn out.. So if we can still get along under these circumstances that is something for sure..
Hopefully all my great friends in Brevard will come visit one day! :)
We are actually going to get up early today and move on out.. Last day and all.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brevard County Chapter of Artisans for Peace lives on!

Thanks to Bonnie Han, she will be picking up the ball and running with it... Or fabric, stamps, etc!!!!
Her first gathering will be making Eco Bags... How kewl is that..
So we are Coast to Coast! Since I will be also starting a chapter in Santa Barbara area..
Bonnie will also be posting on the blog as well as added great tips, info and ect, on green living w/ creative flair!

Day Two of the Cali Journey Cross Country

Ok we are in Brookshire, Texas. What a day it was yesterday..
I was so tired, I didn't blog till this morning....
Ok we got thru Alabama, Lousiana, and then entered the big, long, long state of Texas.. Where everything is bigger!
Ok the speed limit is 70, and 65 at nite! hahahaha
Use to Florida speed rates.. So had to adjust, wasn't that hard in the Truck!
Then going thru Texas is somewhat of a nightmare..
Ok nice way of putting it, it is!
I drove thru Houston, Micheal was like it won't be busy during 5 oclock sat traffic, I was like probably will be huge city, etc..
So we did it and it was busy and sucked! So i just bellied up to the bar and basically kept out of everyones way as the big truck and little car following (scion) did our thing... But at least we got thru Houston! Huge sprawling urban decay....Haha
I did stop at a few hotels, and they are not doggie friendly UGH!
So we ended up in Brookshire.. outside of Katy.
They do have a awesome Resturaunt,, Called of all things Orlando Pizza! It is a buffet for 4.99
The best deal in town or anywhere,, Salad bar, pizza bar (they make it for you), Pasta w/sauces and pizza desserts!
Mostly Hispanic population..
Which is kewl it just seems a bit of a economic deprived area :(
Sending them prosperiety Reiki and Love
So today we are onward toward Van Horn a bit before El Paso... They have a doggie friendly location and well a nice resturaunt next door..
The scenery is interesting, but nothing I want to stop and ooh and ahh at..
Although if I had more time I am sure there would be kewl beanz stuff to do and see!
My friend Deb lives between Austin and San Antonio.. She is a artist and creative Muse!
So we may be able to stop, it depends on the doggies, etc..
Traveling is hard on us, but harder on them..
They like the hotel rooms, and not so much the riding in the cab of the truck :(

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Making our Way to Cali Journal Day ONE

Well as I posted before I am relocating to Santa Barbara area of California.
And this week has been a whirlwind, found out we were offically moving Last friday and this Friday was on the road and Micheal did a wonderful job getting us to Mobile! We have offically left Florida.
I had mixed emotions of sadness of leaving behind friends, loving the beaches and so many beautiful places, and wondering what am I doing leaving paradise? So I wanted to get the hell out of there and stop thinking! Just being.
As I have already got a Loft to live in across from the beach with views in a laid back Beach community five miles from stores!
So really it will be so kewl, and relaxed, but I have to get there to enjoy it.
Trying to live peacefully amist the Stress isn't easy!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Nites Artisan for Peace Event

Ok we created Organic Hemp/Cotton Ribbon Peace Bracelets. We used Coconut shell buttons as well as markers, and so much more. I could just kick me self for not taking pics, I did have my camera with me too! We also made bookmarks and Micheal made a chocker...
Then we did do a short visualization for peace as well as setting intent for BC Peace and beyond!

We had six people this time !YAH
Fun was had by all!

Ordered Five of Hand carved Lotus flower Tibetan Malas

Ok this is like a dream come true. I just hope and pray they are as beautiful as they look in the pics. They come via China from Tibet.. I know I know but I love the vibration of these beads..
Hand carved lotus's..
Doesn't get mucho better then that for sure!
Will have them hopefully before I move to Cali.

Love this one! Love the Lotus Flower

I actually ordered a few from

Love the stamps done by hand! :)

Love what Lauren K did with the stamp! IT is beautiful! I do want to try my hand (and have for a while making leather cuffs (with upcycled leather belts) This is fantabulous!

Love this oxidation Look for the Sanskrit Chant on Silver

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Visualization Prayer for President Obama in 2016

The year is 2016. We glance at the television one morning and see President Obama having another of his many press conferences. He has been in office for almost 8 years. It hasn’t been perfect, but things are way better than when he took office in January 2009. You notice that his hair has whitened a bit and that he still has that winning smile and that take-charge/positive energy that he had when he was campaigning way back in 2008.
See it…Feel it….Breathe it….Pass it on.
The Challenge: take 30 seconds right now. Close your eyes and imagine exactly what our country will feel like with President Obama. Imagine how good it will feel.

Imagine the diplomacy.Imagine the peace.Imagine the windmills and the clean cars.Imagine the citizen groups.Imagine the earth being healed and revitalized.Imagine being very proud of your country and its leader.Imagine whatever it is that draws you to support Obama.Imagine what your life will look like.
30 seconds. Do it several times a day.

We can shift and change the vibrations of this country with positive visions just like this.
It only takes 30 seconds a few times a day.YES WE CAN!!

Element Ecowear Kewl T Shirts Rock ON!

Kewl Beanz T shirt Design Your OWN! Eco-aware Rockin Lotus Vibe!
Here is the link, check it out!

Florida Redeems itself By Being a Blue State

Finally we can do something right. Florida Voted and we Voted Blue.
This is a wonderful sign for Florida. That finally we are awake and paying attention and are wanting to be part of the change that is so needed in this country, in our world.
We have finally after 8 long torturous years, can hold our head up high and realize that now is the time to roll up our sleeves and get busy. Healthcare for everyone! Out of Irac! Dept. Of Peace! Get the green economy rolling, help for minorities, and more minorities in leadership rolls, African Americans being proud, and seeing that they too can be President one day. Coming together as a nation, and on the worlds platform, creating and bringing intelligent, mindful banter, as well as rational, middle path decsions, getting along with the Rep's and realize we must start working together toward peace, and healing of our nation, world, mother earth as well as our souls.
NO longer is race a issue, let's get over it. We all bleed red. No matter what type of skin shade we are.
Being strong, but humble. The land of Dreams, the Land of Milk and Honey has risen from the ashes....We are a land of possibilities, change is in the air, coming together and getting started. It starts now, and is what is needed at this time.
May Buddha Bless President Barack Obama And VP Joe Biden and Families.
May Buddha Bless John McCain and Sarah Palin and Families
May Buddha Bless President George W Bush and VP Dick Chaney and Families
And May the dharma of love be spread thruought the land. May we all open our hearts ot the possibilities of universal love and peace thru the lands

Sad Day for Same Sex Marriage in Florida

I don't know how but Amendment two passed in Florida.
This is truly a sad Day in Florida.
WE redemed ourselves for Carrying Prez Obama, but we lost our souls by passing Amendment two.
I am saddened by this. Any group of people who loose rights, is fair game for other groups of people to loose rights.
My heart is heavy on this issue, and mourning the passage of this closed minded type thinking.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Standing on the Corner hangin w/ Prez Obama

Ok it was his cutout, but really, It was amazzzing!
So many folx, African-American, White, Hispanic, Pink, Orange, etc
Beeping and waving and getting excited for Prez Obama!
IT was way higher then folx being negative!
Standing on the corner (ok a Crack/Homeless Corner to boot), I realized how this election is bringing us all back together, as a nation, as a country and as a people.
People of all skintones, people who may not normally agree, agree on one thing, Prez Obama is a right fit for the change we so need in this country!
It is so exciting to be part of this and be here on Earth at this time!
We are really in for some excitement folx, and to see how many peeps in Melbourne are supportive of the change, well that is also exciting.
We can't look back, at least to change or complain, but we can enjoy the moment and savour it, really enjoy it. And help those who didn't vote for Prez Obama to adjust, in a kind loving way! We don't want our country divided, but rather to come together and enjoy the changes, as well as roll up our sleeves for the tuff tuff work ahead of us!
As far as the event yesterday in Melbourne (it was called sign waving I think) it was lovely,not alot of folx came out to wave signs, but really, it was enuff all the same. And the few who shot us the bird or yelled nasties, well they are probably wanting a change too.. Even though it may not come in the form of Prez Obama, we are all ready to end this eight years of slow, slow rotting of our brains and souls..
But it all had a purpose to get people out there and wake up! VOTE! TODAY! Be the CHANGE TODAY

Buddhists get engaged in race for President

By Daniel Burke, Religion News Service, October 28, 2008

New York, USA -- By most counts, several times more people live in New York City than practice Buddhism nationwide.

<< Obama or McCain: Which path are American Buddhists taking on?

So American Buddhists aren't likely to become a political machine or a crucial swing vote any time soon. But as the religion born in the East carves its place in the West, many Buddhists are making a mark in U.S. politics, including this year's presidential race.

A significant number of Buddhist immigrants who fled communist regimes in Southeast Asia tend to be politically conservative, which could help Republican candidate Sen. John McCain. But a solid majority of American Buddhists are converts, who tend to be liberal, and many back Democrat Barack Obama.

Take, for example, Sharon Salzberg.

In September, the writer and meditation teacher traveled to Ohio and registered voters for the first time in her 56 years. Salzberg, a New York City native, said she was inspired by Obama.

"His message that we are our brothers' and sisters' keeper and that we have to work together to implement a better vision moved me profoundly," she said.

Salzberg was also one of 25 prominent teachers and authors who signed a statement in September urging fellow Buddhists to pay attention to politics.

"Whatever your political beliefs, your active, informed citizenship is part of a wise household practice," the Buddhist leaders said.

That could be a boon for Obama. Buddhists, who form about 1 percent of the U.S. population (roughly the same as Muslims) are among the country's most liberal religious groups, according to a survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. More than two-thirds said they are Democrats or lean Democratic.

The 500 members of "Buddhists for Obama" have raised more than $230,000, sponsored 1,700 events and made 26,000 calls for their candidate, according to Obama's Web site. There's no Buddhist group listed for Republican nominee Sen. John McCain; a request to his campaign for information went unanswered.

Several Buddhists said Obama's message of unity accords with Dharma teachings on interconnectedness and the dangers of an us-versus-them dualism. Morever, they say, the Democrat's background reflects the Buddha's belief that all beings can become enlightened, regardless of race or class.

"I think his candidacy has brought to the forefront issues of multi-racial identity for U.S. citizens," said Mushim Patricia Ikeda-Nash, a Buddhist teacher in Oakland, Calif.

That's not to say that Buddhism is inherently liberal. A sizable minority of Buddhists -- particularly Asian Americans -- vote Republican, said Jeff Wilson, an assistant professor of religion at Renison College, University of Waterloo in Canada.

Venerable Vien Duc, abbot of the Auspicious Cloud Monastery in Haymarket, Va., said many of his fellow Vietnamese-Americans support the GOP because of its tough anti-communist stance during the Cold War.

"The typical Vietnamese, because they suffered with communism, don't want anything associated with it," he said of communism.

In Broomfield, Colo., Charles Martin, an American-Indian Buddhist Republican, said his support for McCain has everything to do with his religious practice.

"I think Buddhism is inherently rather libertarian," said Martin.

"You examine things for yourself and finally save yourself. That leads me in general to not liking a lot of kinds of government intervention."

Other Buddhists, however, are reluctant to translate the Dharma into a political philosophy.

"I have always found Buddhism to be a refuge from the political and social world," said Charles Johnson, an award-winning novelist who practices Zen in Seattle.

The Rev. Danny Fisher, a Buddhist blogger from Greensboro, N.C., said his understanding of the Dharma "means doing all I can to benefit beings -- hence my mindful involvement in progressive causes and social justice work. ... But I recognize that other Buddhists may understand things differently."

Robert Jones, whose recent book, "Progressive & Religious," includes a chapter on American Buddhists, said "there's a kind of humility built into Buddhism. They are really reticent to come out with guns blazing and proscriptions for what needs to happen."

That may be changing, though. Especially if David Loy, author of "Money, Sex, War, Karma: Notes for a Buddhist Revolution," has anything to say about it.

"You can't simply read off Buddhist attitudes toward globalization or climate change or modern technology," Loy said. "But if one looks at basic Buddhist principles, one can pretty easily tease them out."

Barack Obama Cocoa Tea Song

Latest Video News from Prez Obama

Monday, November 3, 2008

Women For Peace!

Celebrate the Eve of November 4th Together

Let's celebrate together November 4th
Shanti's House: 11 Fillmore Court Satellite Beach Florida
7pmBring Dish to Pass
We will watch: Comedy Central: John Stewart/Steven Colbert
As we laugh and giggle and enjoy the evening of Change

Take a few minutes to day to silently send good vibes to President Obama

Ok if we say it, then we manifest it right! So lets take a few minutes in silence today to send good vibes to the New Prez!

Wiser Earth

WiserEarth . .

serves the people who are transforming the world. It is a community directory and networking forum that maps and connects non-governmental organizations (NGOs), businesses, governments, and individuals addressing the central issues of our day: climate change, poverty, the environment, peace, water, hunger, social justice, conservation, human rights and more. Content is created and edited by people like you

Earth Dance Check out there website! One of my Favs!

Earthdance - Give Peace a Dance!

Peace Day is Every Day Ideas for PEACE

Make your own Peace Day!

Plan a Peace Day Event
Can be observed by anyone, anywhere. There is no need to get involved in a group or organization to celebrate the day. Simply by meditating on peace or participating in the minute of silence at noon, you are part of the Peace day movement. If you wish to get others involved, there are numerous examples of activities, such as walks for peace, making origami peace doves, planting trees for peace and releasing peace balloons. You can also organize Peace Day activities at work or in your neighborhood.

Examples of Peace Day events:
As a group, create a human formation of a peace dove, take a picture
Light a candle or lantern for peace
Do a silent meditation for peace at noon
Ring a peace bell
Release peace balloons
Make origami peace doves, write notes about peace on them - display
Plant a Peace Pole (
Plant a tree for peace
Plant a rock for peace (
Make "Pinwheels for Peace" (
Create a giant peace dove (
Organize a peace walk through your town/city
Release peace doves
Make peace bracelets or other jewelry
Have a Peace Day wedding!
Organize a World Peace Prayer Ceremony (
Volunteer for a charity or non-profit in your area
Show a movie about Peace Day (such as "Peace One Day") or other documentary about peace and conflict (
Support Peace Day by participating in the "UN Days & Years Meditation Initiative" (
Write letters to your local newspaper or officials, asking them to support International Day of Peace
Become involved in the Culture of Peace News Network (CPNN), where readers can exchange information about events, experiences, books, music and news that promote a culture of peace.
Nominate a peacebuilder to the Agape Foundation’s annual Peace Prize (
Organize a "Seniors for Peace" group (Example:
Organize a picnic for peace
"Grandmothers for Peace" – silent or loud march for peace Grannies for Peace, Byron Peace Group, Australia, 2007.pdf
Organize a yoga class or exercise class for peace at a nursing home

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Celebrate the Eve of November 4th Together

Let's celebrate together November 4th
Shanti's House: 11 Fillmore Court Satellite Beach Florida
Bring Dish to Pass
We will watch: Comedy Central: John Stewart/Steven Colbert
As we laugh and giggle and enjoy the evening of Change!

Parade of Gems Melbourne November 8th to 9th Bead Show

8-9--MELBOURNE, FLORIDA: Show, "Parade of Gems"; Canaveral Mineral & Gem Society; Melbourne Auditorium, 625 E. Hibiscus Blvd.; Sat. 10-5, Sun. 10-5; admission $4; contact John Almasi, (321) 956-9742; e-mail:

Brevard County Library has Crafts n Things Magazine (back issues)

I personally had them hold 2008 issues for me to look over.
Love this mag since it has alot of different ideas, not just jewelry, cards,
altered art, etc.
And the lastest goodies out there!
So check the library for your source and do your green part w/o purchasing the mag itself!

St. Lucie County Rock & Gem Club show this weekend!

This is to let everyone know that today and tomorrow is the St. LucieCounty Rock & Gem Club annual show at the Martin County Fair Ground inStuart. It promises to be a great show

Saturday, November 1, 2008

MASS "Sign Wave For CHANGE" Melbourne 11/3

WHO - Brevard Voters, Progressive Candidates and Orgs
WHAT - MASS "Sign Wave For CHANGE"
WHEN - Monday 11/3 5pm - 7pm
WHERE - Melbourne along US1 between the 192 and Eau Galle Causeways
Bring your yard signs and positive signs for CHANGE. Obama and Blythe
volunteers meet at Eau Galle and US1. Patriots For Peace, Space CoastProgressive Alliance members and Brevard NOW please gather at 192 andUS1. All others spread out along US1 the entire route between the causeways. Park where you can.