Blast off to Downtown SB!

My inagural visit to Downtown SB was incredible! Ok thanks in part of wonderful Hubby, and thankx in part to self discovery!
We went to I think it was called beadin around in~
They are moving so having a fifty percent off sale.
Ok really it was way overpriced for Jewelry Artisans, but it was way kewl to find a beautiful strand of dyed turqouise in a blue green variety unseen by my eyes before..They were somewhat though in rough shape, and sizes...But I figured I could make five beautiful bracelets out of themm..
Then found ok LISTEN UP, Lucky Store..
Now I am no label whore, but Lucky and Levi's are my fav!:)
American Classics with peace and love intertwined!
I was in love as I looked thru the store, unfortunately I couldn't afford anything at full price, and even if I could, I would spend it on beadz first!
But in the back there was a area of 50 percent off stuff/.OK LOVE IT, not 20 percent, but 50!And they had the Buddha Hoodie that I saw online and wanted so badly, but wouldn't pay 88 bucks for..!!!!!
It was amazing.. Then a really kewl Silvertone peace sign charm bracelet (ok you know I am going to tear it apart for jewelry!)
And a beautiful ok I admit I am not past buying leather/suede, Suede purse that was 50 percent off! It was gorgeous fall colors with different waves of sued sewed on it.. There purses rock out, anyhoo, all there purses do!
Ok then it was like incredible to learn that SB is where the folx from Lucky are from and that I was in the flagship store and that is where it started at!
OK then we went to Macy's and it rocked out. NOt like Melbourne Macy's,,, But kewl stuff.
Got a mandala shirt and a japanese print shirt for like 16 bucks each.. Ok Marshall prices for sure for sure!
This is so kewl it is unreal..And to top it off our kewl landlord /neighbors and we meet at the Sojourner Vegan friendly din din.. So much good food. For sure..
Ok I still can't believe that we are in Cali and live here!

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