Day Two of the Cali Journey Cross Country

Ok we are in Brookshire, Texas. What a day it was yesterday..
I was so tired, I didn't blog till this morning....
Ok we got thru Alabama, Lousiana, and then entered the big, long, long state of Texas.. Where everything is bigger!
Ok the speed limit is 70, and 65 at nite! hahahaha
Use to Florida speed rates.. So had to adjust, wasn't that hard in the Truck!
Then going thru Texas is somewhat of a nightmare..
Ok nice way of putting it, it is!
I drove thru Houston, Micheal was like it won't be busy during 5 oclock sat traffic, I was like probably will be huge city, etc..
So we did it and it was busy and sucked! So i just bellied up to the bar and basically kept out of everyones way as the big truck and little car following (scion) did our thing... But at least we got thru Houston! Huge sprawling urban decay....Haha
I did stop at a few hotels, and they are not doggie friendly UGH!
So we ended up in Brookshire.. outside of Katy.
They do have a awesome Resturaunt,, Called of all things Orlando Pizza! It is a buffet for 4.99
The best deal in town or anywhere,, Salad bar, pizza bar (they make it for you), Pasta w/sauces and pizza desserts!
Mostly Hispanic population..
Which is kewl it just seems a bit of a economic deprived area :(
Sending them prosperiety Reiki and Love
So today we are onward toward Van Horn a bit before El Paso... They have a doggie friendly location and well a nice resturaunt next door..
The scenery is interesting, but nothing I want to stop and ooh and ahh at..
Although if I had more time I am sure there would be kewl beanz stuff to do and see!
My friend Deb lives between Austin and San Antonio.. She is a artist and creative Muse!
So we may be able to stop, it depends on the doggies, etc..
Traveling is hard on us, but harder on them..
They like the hotel rooms, and not so much the riding in the cab of the truck :(

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