Final Run to Cali

In Gila Bend now and staying at the Space Age Lodge! Go figure it looks like it belongs in Titusville, not Gila Bend! :)
But it has a kewl jetson, retro vibe that I love love love! Like being on route 66~
The great news is we are only 400 miles from our target! Ventura, Cali.
What a long strange trip it's been~ Ok so ripped that off from the Dead, but truly a sentiment for these times..
Alot to look toward, sad to leave great great loving friends, and the moment is one of sore, tired and focus!
I do miss Florida, but different that I expected.
More for of course friends, and locations, but kinda like a comfortable pair of shoes, but not my most fav ones...
There is peace in knowing that we are exactly where we are suppose to be. Micheal and I are like a old married couple... haha.. Thank gosh we love each other, cause sometimes we don't like each other, hmmm like any married couple! haha..
We are both tired and worn out.. So if we can still get along under these circumstances that is something for sure..
Hopefully all my great friends in Brevard will come visit one day! :)
We are actually going to get up early today and move on out.. Last day and all.

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