Finally settling in to Cali and finding my way

Ok when I usually move, which I do alot, :(, it only takes a bit to get in the swing of things.. But it has been in different parts of Fla.. Now with Cali, it's different, vibe, feel, environment, on and on..
And the time change, I am tired at like 8pm at nite! hahaa! Never did that before!
Sleeping well and it seems the weather, atmosphere really fits me! I love it!
We have our Table and chairs outside so we eat outside, like my heritage of Italianos did and do! We have views of the mountain on our back private porch where we eat, so romantic, isn't it darlin! haha..
So it seems like the views we have from our bed and bedroom, balcony of the ocean and beach, mountains, is what I would think of in Italy! :)

Ok as far as peaceful vibes go, there is actually a peace store in downtown SB! It is truly way overpriced, but it has a huge sign that says THE WAR HAS ENDED! I want it for sure!

And there are alot of vintage *upcycled Stores, as well as coffee shops, etc..
I am going to check on Borders for a place for Artisans for peace to meet!
Yah Baby rock on!

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