Florida Redeems itself By Being a Blue State

Finally we can do something right. Florida Voted and we Voted Blue.
This is a wonderful sign for Florida. That finally we are awake and paying attention and are wanting to be part of the change that is so needed in this country, in our world.
We have finally after 8 long torturous years, can hold our head up high and realize that now is the time to roll up our sleeves and get busy. Healthcare for everyone! Out of Irac! Dept. Of Peace! Get the green economy rolling, help for minorities, and more minorities in leadership rolls, African Americans being proud, and seeing that they too can be President one day. Coming together as a nation, and on the worlds platform, creating and bringing intelligent, mindful banter, as well as rational, middle path decsions, getting along with the Rep's and realize we must start working together toward peace, and healing of our nation, world, mother earth as well as our souls.
NO longer is race a issue, let's get over it. We all bleed red. No matter what type of skin shade we are.
Being strong, but humble. The land of Dreams, the Land of Milk and Honey has risen from the ashes....We are a land of possibilities, change is in the air, coming together and getting started. It starts now, and is what is needed at this time.
May Buddha Bless President Barack Obama And VP Joe Biden and Families.
May Buddha Bless John McCain and Sarah Palin and Families
May Buddha Bless President George W Bush and VP Dick Chaney and Families
And May the dharma of love be spread thruought the land. May we all open our hearts ot the possibilities of universal love and peace thru the lands

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