Peace Day is Every Day Ideas for PEACE

Make your own Peace Day!

Plan a Peace Day Event
Can be observed by anyone, anywhere. There is no need to get involved in a group or organization to celebrate the day. Simply by meditating on peace or participating in the minute of silence at noon, you are part of the Peace day movement. If you wish to get others involved, there are numerous examples of activities, such as walks for peace, making origami peace doves, planting trees for peace and releasing peace balloons. You can also organize Peace Day activities at work or in your neighborhood.

Examples of Peace Day events:
As a group, create a human formation of a peace dove, take a picture
Light a candle or lantern for peace
Do a silent meditation for peace at noon
Ring a peace bell
Release peace balloons
Make origami peace doves, write notes about peace on them - display
Plant a Peace Pole (
Plant a tree for peace
Plant a rock for peace (
Make "Pinwheels for Peace" (
Create a giant peace dove (
Organize a peace walk through your town/city
Release peace doves
Make peace bracelets or other jewelry
Have a Peace Day wedding!
Organize a World Peace Prayer Ceremony (
Volunteer for a charity or non-profit in your area
Show a movie about Peace Day (such as "Peace One Day") or other documentary about peace and conflict (
Support Peace Day by participating in the "UN Days & Years Meditation Initiative" (
Write letters to your local newspaper or officials, asking them to support International Day of Peace
Become involved in the Culture of Peace News Network (CPNN), where readers can exchange information about events, experiences, books, music and news that promote a culture of peace.
Nominate a peacebuilder to the Agape Foundation’s annual Peace Prize (
Organize a "Seniors for Peace" group (Example:
Organize a picnic for peace
"Grandmothers for Peace" – silent or loud march for peace Grannies for Peace, Byron Peace Group, Australia, 2007.pdf
Organize a yoga class or exercise class for peace at a nursing home

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