Prayers for India from: YTDR Foundation

Tulku Karma Rinpoche would like to make a special request from you to participate in a prayer for those who have suffered due to the attacks in Mumbai. India, the historical birthplace of Buddhism, is today home to approximately 150,000 Tibetan refugees including HH the Dalai Lama, and the Government of Tibet in Exile has been a protectorate of India for several decades. In Rinpoche’s own words, "India is a great country that has given a so much love and wisdom to all beings".

He requests that his students, well wishers, and friends join him in prayer this Friday evening Nov 28th at 8PM PST, tomorrow Saturday Nov 29th morning at 8AM PST and again on Saturday evening at 8PM PST.

Prayers should be performed preferably at home, holding a candle light, and reciting the following mantras:

For those who are in fear and terror,
“Om Ah Hung Benzar Guru Pad Ma Sedi Hung ),

For those who have been killed,
“Om Ah Mi Dewa Hri”

For those families who are left behind with sadness,
“Om Mani Pad Mey Hung”

- Blessings from your Rinpoche

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