Standing on the Corner hangin w/ Prez Obama

Ok it was his cutout, but really, It was amazzzing!
So many folx, African-American, White, Hispanic, Pink, Orange, etc
Beeping and waving and getting excited for Prez Obama!
IT was way higher then folx being negative!
Standing on the corner (ok a Crack/Homeless Corner to boot), I realized how this election is bringing us all back together, as a nation, as a country and as a people.
People of all skintones, people who may not normally agree, agree on one thing, Prez Obama is a right fit for the change we so need in this country!
It is so exciting to be part of this and be here on Earth at this time!
We are really in for some excitement folx, and to see how many peeps in Melbourne are supportive of the change, well that is also exciting.
We can't look back, at least to change or complain, but we can enjoy the moment and savour it, really enjoy it. And help those who didn't vote for Prez Obama to adjust, in a kind loving way! We don't want our country divided, but rather to come together and enjoy the changes, as well as roll up our sleeves for the tuff tuff work ahead of us!
As far as the event yesterday in Melbourne (it was called sign waving I think) it was lovely,not alot of folx came out to wave signs, but really, it was enuff all the same. And the few who shot us the bird or yelled nasties, well they are probably wanting a change too.. Even though it may not come in the form of Prez Obama, we are all ready to end this eight years of slow, slow rotting of our brains and souls..
But it all had a purpose to get people out there and wake up! VOTE! TODAY! Be the CHANGE TODAY

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