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Sunnyday at Mandalay Beach

Beautiful a bit chilly (for a Floridian) but the
Beach was beautiful.. Oh forgot to get the beach in the
pic, unfortunately we left due to cold breezes! But trust me
it was awesome and we saw so mmmmmany dolphins ! They were
dark blue not like Florida light to medium blue color.. They were swimming in
a nice size pod and enjoying the cool breezes! BBBBBRRRR!

Karma @ the Holidays

Ok again dressed for the holidays!
Karma is wearing a kewl santa outfit that is a bit tight around the belly,
Seems Santas helper has been eatting quite a bit lately! hahahahahaha
She is so cute and all in her outfit!
Another find at Thrift store downtown Ventura, 4.99 (it is a actual doggie outfit!)

Zen @ the Holidays!

Gotta love it! She is wearing a one piece
baby outfit that snaps in back! It is open for her tail and
fits pretty good, except she is so thin thru the body it is a
little big!
Got it yesterday at Downtown Ventura where there is a kewl thrift shoppe, well
lot's of them actually.. I paid 1.95!

Hendry's Beach Pose oh baby baby!

Ok this is where we ate today..
Not such great food, but the view was
to die for darlin!

Winter in Santa Barbara

Ok It gets so cold (to a Floridan that is) that I do have a
a winter coat and scarf *ok luv scarves!
Yes I do have my aqua contacts in, no I don't have blue eyes, I have
We went to Goleta and Isla Vista and saw the Beach up there and
found another branch of hemp Wise.
We also ate at Hendrys Beach, and it was wonderful.. It was the Boathouse..
I loved it! Tony and I had a romantic brunch there.. We were right at the beach view..
They had heaters on *since we were outside. and it was still cold..
We did get two kewl hemp handmade skull cap hats, and a matching scarf....So we can both wear them! To kewl, and they were on sale.. Ok love that.
It was also a head shoppe, ok memories from dayz gone by..
I really like the shoppe on State Road.....I got my mini inspirion hemp bag there! Love it!
I really really dig that shoppe.
Ok Isle Vista is the home to UCSB.
So it looks like Party Central... No where i would live for sure!
But cute in a way... West Coast Fort Myers look too…

Ok future Child in my life a Long Haired Dachshund SOOOO CUTE!

Picture of Sunset off Rincon Beach from our Bedroom Balcony

Ok is this a blissing or what?
I love that this is our view at 5:10 pm CT
Off our balcony!
It is so beautiful!
Just having to get use to the sunset on the Ocean!
Unlike FLA, sun rises!
This ia our view from the bedroom slider.
It is Rincon.. :)
I will take more pics from the beach, and the sun setting from our balcony!
Rock on!

Craft Magazine this month about Green/Upcycling Projects

Ok I realize it is pricey for a mag... 14.95, but somebody must be buying it, since they do sell them and come out I believe monthly! I did but this months copy.. About green projects.. I love it!
I have it next to my bed,and I am kinda just keeping it there till I get a reading lite, so I can read it when I can't sleep, Happens sometimes..
I guess you could say I am savoring it! For Sure For Sure!
I love it!
I may even get a subscription to it.. It is a stellar mag for those who want to learn and expand your projects and skills, baby!

Tuesday Morning in Ventura Killer Dealz for Craftsfolx

Ok Micheal and I were shopping in Ventura,,, We checked out Mervyns Going out of bizz sale (btw got two cute hippy tops!), and we saw a Tuesday mornings tucked in the corner....
Ok it was great..... I was looking for a memory foam mattress cover for my bed, but they didnt have it :(
Ok it was like no it isn't Micheal,, Can't be... NO WAY! Ok it was unreal........ Like I even put a bid in on one for 65.00 and I was out bid and just thought oh well... Thank GoSh! I ended up like with this incredible storage system with wheels and telescooping handle! Right on! I love it.. And the Universe provided for 20.00 instead of what I thought I had to buy for 50.00! OMG!
It is PINK ALSO! My favorite color.....:)
I also got a kewl tool from Making memories (it was originally 24.00, I paid 7.99) :)
It puts different size holes in paper, etc!
I also went the nex…

Santa Barbara Bead and gem Faire

Ok went, discovered and fell in love, ok not with beads.. But I did fall in love with the Tibetan Prayer Wheels, Medicine Buddha Sterling ring, Hemp Bag with a beautiful Peace Sign and Hemp Back with a beautiful Dove with Peace to the World and it is gorgeous, 20.00 each! Oh my gosh! I mean I really really love that the bead show here is of a great caliber, With all the LA and San Fran Bead Wholesalers, and so much of it was the same old same old.. Unfortuantely.... But there was so much great Buddha stuff.... REALLY !! Tibetan Goodies!
OK really it is going to happen again in Feburary!
Can't wait!

Going to the Santa Barbara Gem/Bead Show Today

Ok how kewl is it, that I only moved here like two weeks ago and already there is a bead show!!!!
It is near Goleta so I am going there also
Ok will post after the show!

ScribeFire Add on for Foxfire

This so rocks out. I don't even have to check into It is actually on my toolbar and I just open it up and boom I can blog!
NICE! Totally recommend it.. Just check it out yourself!
Viva La Foxfire!