Tuesday Morning in Ventura Killer Dealz for Craftsfolx

Ok Micheal and I were shopping in Ventura,,, We checked out Mervyns Going out of bizz sale (btw got two cute hippy tops!), and we saw a Tuesday mornings tucked in the corner....
Ok it was great..... I was looking for a memory foam mattress cover for my bed, but they didnt have it :(
Ok it was like no it isn't Micheal,, Can't be... NO WAY! Ok it was unreal........ Like I even put a bid in on one for 65.00 and I was out bid and just thought oh well... Thank GoSh! I ended up like with this incredible storage system with wheels and telescooping handle! Right on! I love it.. And the Universe provided for 20.00 instead of what I thought I had to buy for 50.00! OMG!
It is PINK ALSO! My favorite color.....:)
I also got a kewl tool from Making memories (it was originally 24.00, I paid 7.99) :)
It puts different size holes in paper, etc!
I also went the next day to Tuesday Mornings in SB, ok it was small but like a few doors from Nordstroms! And it was not a typical Tuesday Mornings! It was boutiquey looking and when you went in it, it was like small and funky, but I also got there a good to go by Eagle Knitting tote, that has six pockets for holding skeins of yarn..
It is really nice and big! LOVE IT! Pumpkin color also! :) Ok I have joined a meetup group in Ventura that we will be doing knitting projects and they will teach me *YAH! how to knit! I wanna knit scarves! Yah Baby!
So I am finally getting organize..I have this belief that you have three things that you can take out of your home (I guess from living in Florida) that mean the most to you.. Only Three..
OK Mine are: the new piece of Jewelry Supply Luggage, My Hempy Mini inspirion bag w/Ipod Touch in it, Flip Camcorder, Blue Tooth wireless Headphones, (all in that little bag!)..
And my third thing: is: Djembe Remo Drum...
Ok so that's my three things...
What are yours?
Think about it.. And now that we live in La Conchita (where they had the mud slides that killed ten, in 05), It made me realize it more... and more that stuff isn't important... Which I know we believe since we moved like 40 percent of our goods, we either gave away or sold it...But I still have my attachments... So even though I have three attachements,,, which Iam really attached too.. At least I know that all the rest of the stuff means not much to me, and is replaceable...
Which is a wonderful mind set to be in.... As everything is impermanent.... So it is...
Ok I do have some stuff I do love and have attachement too..
I am trying to lesson it by my three things to take in case of catastrophe....
Or really to lesson my attachement period..

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