Winter in Santa Barbara

Ok It gets so cold (to a Floridan that is) that I do have a
a winter coat and scarf *ok luv scarves!
Yes I do have my aqua contacts in, no I don't have blue eyes, I have
We went to Goleta and Isla Vista and saw the Beach up there and
found another branch of hemp Wise.
We also ate at Hendrys Beach, and it was wonderful.. It was the Boathouse..
I loved it! Tony and I had a romantic brunch there.. We were right at the beach view..
They had heaters on *since we were outside. and it was still cold..
We did get two kewl hemp handmade skull cap hats, and a matching scarf....So we can both wear them! To kewl, and they were on sale.. Ok love that.
It was also a head shoppe, ok memories from dayz gone by..
I really like the shoppe on State Road.....I got my mini inspirion hemp bag there! Love it!
I really really dig that shoppe.
Ok Isle Vista is the home to UCSB.
So it looks like Party Central... No where i would live for sure!
But cute in a way... West Coast Fort Myers look too it.
We also got to run into the Micheals at Goleta.. And I got a pair of mini flat nose pliers.. :)
I have never seen anthing that small! They sell the whole set for like 9 bucks! To Kewl or what!
I am going to try out the flat nose and see if I can dig them.. If so the set is coming home with me. Also got a great deal on a sodering iron with accessories and it can emboss, and so much more.. I will post more about it tommorow.. I also got something I can't remember the name at Tuesday morning (again with the dealz!) Round paper cutter with three different styles: wave, straight, preforated....
It is great for me when I need to have a bit of a wavey look to small pieces of papers for the cards/altered art pieces!
Ok more to come!
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