Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just B Cause

Cute pic!!!!!
From Cathy of California Blog

What r u doing tonite

We are:

Going to Religious Science Meditation Service

Writing down what we want to let go of from past year
Burning them in our fireplace

Write down on cute blank bookmark one side: What we want to do/be 2010 an other side what we are still working on from 2009
Using color pens an pencils to decorate them.
So we can use them see them often!

Have snack layout of crackers cheese fruit San Pelligrino nuts

Meditate at 11:11 4 11 minutes while sitting outside looking at moon

Smile n laugh n watch twilight zone marathon on sci fi channel

Shanti Johnson

Creative Manifestations 2009

Don't know the source on this photo but looks the way I feel about
upcoming year!!
I am so thankful n at peace w this past year! So much has been real
eyesed and manifested! What wasn't follows me happily in 2010!

Here is a short list of Real Eyezed Mostly Creative Goals!

Got a incredible Needle Arts Mentor!

Learned basic embroidery stitches

Embroidering a free form mandala

Learned to make fun fun pom poms

Write interviews for Hand Embroidery Network

Got fresh new stash of summer cooler colored beads

Created Dharma Truth Bracelets

Got my blog beautiful (to me)

Blogged an blogged some more

Follow over 300 blogs on google reader

Signed up for Style School Class

Did 4 great interviews 4 HEN

Got published in Needle Magazine

Got Socially Connected Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Got signed new copy of Native flash and funk circa 1974

Meet Alexandra Hart author of above book

Enrolled at Golden West College in Huntington Beach

Takin Metalsmithing Jewelry Design Class new year (had to commit and
pay 4 it this year!)

Got good size collection of seed beads to start Bead Embroidery

Started working with Eco Friendly felt

Started doing Yoga again with my fake WII electronic Mat

Celebrated 7 years of marriage

Relearning the art of being

Feel in love w all beautiful creative folx in person n

Learned to embrace my not so creative dayz!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CHA Craft Supershow

Craft SuperShow

Go to Joann's for a Discount Coupon of $3.00 off 1 day or 2 day Entrance! I already purchased my coupon! I am going on Friday to try and beat the crowds of Saturday!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keepin it Green This Holiday Seaons with Boho Magazine

This is from one of my Fav Magazines Boho Magazine. It is a article about keeping it Green during the Holiday Season... Here is the link for the full Article!

Have a Serene Green Holiday

A real tree or not a real tree? Want to continue Holiday traditions while being faithful to your “Green” heart? There are lots of wonderful ways to decorate sustainably this holiday season. Because TIME is something we never seem to have enough of, and always want more of, lets celebrate the season cherishing this moment in time with our decor, gift wrap and more time honored details.

Bead Journal Project BLISS!

Get ready, Set, GO! Drooling is permitted! OMGosh! Beautiful no words to describe these beautiful Bead Embroidery Pieces..
From Bead Lust Blog! Check out Robin's Books, Blogs, Classes! Here is the link:

Bead Journal Project ~ Some of My Faves from the Past Year!

These are some of my favorites from the 2008-09 Bead Journal Project.

Anna C ~ Love

Anne Marie ~ January

Anne Marie ~ May

Evelyn W ~ Granny

Grace D ~ Cold In March

Karen Co ~ July

Lise P ~ May ~ Stream

Marty S ~ May ~ Control

Muriel ~ October

Pam T ~ July

Susan R ~ May

Theresa H ~ February

Yarn Wreaths Bliss

Thank you Apartment! I love Yarn wreaths and these are gorgeous! You can still DIY or get one from Etsy.. Can you say Priority Shipping???
Go to the link to see more!

Etsy Finds: Yarn Wreaths

In theory, the yarn wreath seems to be one of those "I could totally make that" items, but these wreaths on Etsy take the simple concept to a whole new level. Using a combination of yarn, ornaments, ribbon and felt, I'd happily hang any of these wreaths on my front door.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Barbie World 70's Style Flash!

Thank you http://bleubirdvintage.typepad.comfa sure!

These are so cute! I mean 70's flash fa sure!

barbie furnishings. I as Bleubird Vintage wish this was for Big Folx houses!

Like mine!!!!! Oh my! Oh MY! OH MY! Enjoy and check out her blog too!!!!

Weekly Southern California Embroidery Artist Interview

Enjoy the Eye Candy and inspiration from Kat Coyle! I Hope your Holiday Season of creating is rocking on fun!

Stitch ON Grrl Shanti Johnson of and roving reporter for HEN in Southern California is excited to welcome Kat Coyle today of Los Angeles, California. Her Embroidery Work is bright, fun and beautifully detailed!

Kathleen Coyle is an Artistan, Embroidery Artist and Hand Knit Designer. Her book, Boho Baby Knits is a collection of imaginative toys, garments and knitted patterns for babies and toddlers. Kat is also Co-Author of Once Upon a Time: Creative Writing Fun for kids.. Her work can be seen on Flickr and her blog, Kathleen Coyle. She teaches Embroidery and Knitting/Crocheting Classes at Common Threads Studio in Pasadena and Wisdom Arts Laboratory in Pasadena, California

Stitch ON Grrl: How did you get your start in Embroidery and when, where?

Kat: A family friend, taught me how to embroider, and crochet, when I was about 9 years old. She was a really fun person who loved to laugh, I feel lucky to have learned a craft that takes patience from someone who was so full of joy. I embroidered a lot through out my child hood. It was a very popular craft in the 1970’s. Recently, I came back to it by way of teaching needlework to children.

Stitch ON Grrl: Why do you enjoy Embroidery?

Kat: I enjoy the process of making stitches, but I’m also very interested in decorative and narrative images, textiles, drawing and painting. Embroidery is a way of bringing all my interests together.

Stitch ON Grrl: What is it about Embroidery that keeps you coming back for more?

Kat: Ideas for new images and ways to express them keep me motivated.

Stitch ON Grrl: What is your favorite type of Embroidery?

Kat: I have a true love for the beautifully decorative, and vibrant embroidered textiles from Mexico and Guatemala.

Stitch ON Grrl: What got you into teaching Embroidery classes? And why?

Kat: I have been teaching children how to knit and crochet, and embroidery was a natural extension of learning needlecraft. Also, the drawings that the kids make are so inspiring; I was very excited about the possibilities of them embroidering their own artwork. The sample I made for the class is “Stitch Work”. I was hoping that the kids would make their own stitch work books.

Stitch ON Grrl: What is your style of Embroidery?

Kat: The stitches I use are very basic but I love details and delight in tiny stitches and am very drawn to color. I don’t know what my style is, but I’m not a fan of counting stitches or following any set rules.

Stitch ON Grrl: What would you like to learn as far as Embroidery is concerned?

Kat: I’m always interested in learning something new. Right now, I’m eager to explore embroidery in a painterly fashion, by that I mean to approach embroidery with a painters energy by revealing spontaneous imagery, working with adding and subtracting layers.

Stitch ON Grrl: May we see a book out in the future on Embroidery by you?

Kat: I am starting to daydream about this possibility.

Stitch ON Grrl: What and Where are your upcoming classes that you will be teaching in Southern California?

Kat: I have a crochet class scheduled this Sunday and the Wisdom Arts Lab; I haven’t yet set up any classes for the new year.

Stitch ON Grrl: Any advice to a Newbie in Embroidery?

Kat: Study embroidery that you admire and be inspired!

Stitch ON Grrl: Thank you for being with us today and letting us get to know you! We are honored to have you as part of our series on HEN.

Kat: Thank you so much for your interest in my stitch work.

A note to all you HEN junkies from Stitch ON Grrl:

I hope you all enjoyed the interview and become even more inspired to create your hearts desire with thread, a hoop, some fabric and a needle!

Please leave comments and questions! Thanks!

If you would like to be featured and interviewed and you reside in the Southern Cali area, then leave a comment!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our First Cali Tree.....

And to Celebrate being here one full year we are having our first tree (last year we lived in a little baby place!) and it is Key Lime Sparkly Green with Holiday Yummy Cupcake Pink!

The actual ornaments are snowflakes that are full of glitter, they are actually the same colur of the tree and the Key Lime Green with pink lights that came with the tree.

I got them at the Dollar Tree in Westminster. I also added some really kewl silver foil chain style garland I got thru Paperchase at Borders (I love Paperchase they are the best!!!),at 50% off. The tree was also on sale at $12.00 at Big Lots in Westminster.

It is sitting on a (oh its a four foot tree) bright pinky large foot stool matching the tree stool that the top flips over and makes a tray! And for a Tree skirt I have this beautfiul bright pink an orange Sari Material I got at JoAnn's Fabrics a few years back.

I loved it and it is reversible and I just had to have it, no I don't sew or anything!
So it is very festive looking and bright!

Tommorow I am going to take pictures of my smaller Pink tree iwth really kewl glittery deers!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pink Goodness Holiday Tree Love!

Thank you to Holly of Create * Loves Blog for the reminder.. I love the tree she posted on her blog, although not her's either! Mine is Pink Tinsel four footer with Key Lime Sparkly Green and Pinkish Purpley Snowflakes all over it.. It casts just a beautiful hue! It also has pinky lights on it.. With Silver Tin foil links Garland... It is a site to behold. I also have a smaller one that is about two feet and has purple sparlkly curly ribbon pieces all over it! And a beautiful Pink Glitter Star on top surrounded by pink and turquoise Glitter Deers!!! Yes my hubby thinks that quite possibly I have gone pinkcrazy.. I have! I am I be! You should try it too! not this tree. (source:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coastal Holiday Decorating with Coastal Living Magazine

I always love decorating for the holidays and adding shells, sea glass, driftwood, etc. (If fact tommorow we are going to the beach to pick some up to embelish and display) So get your creative juices flowing baby! Enjoy and Feel the Sea Breezes and Sunny Warm Days on your back!

25 Days of Holiday Decorating

Living Room
Porch or Patio
Guest Bedroom
Under the Tree