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Knotty Grrl Needle Arts Group Feburary Schedule

Thank you for all that came!
If not, please join us as we are scheduled
Feburary 16th (Monday Nite)

Also A Knitting/Crochet Group that meets every other sunday
This Sunday Heartwarmers for Crochet and Knitters (donated yarn and make items for Salvation Army & Ombutson)
Every other Sunday they meet 1:30 to 3:30
Lemonwood Mobile Home Park on Johnson and Telephone, Johnson Entrance Community Room
You can call barbara at: 805 647 2270 or email her at: for more ifno on this group!

Classes in Ventura for knitting or Crochet

If you want to learn to Knit/Crochet Here are the following Classes in Ventura.
Thru the Ventura Adult Ed.

Knit/Crochet Nite
Fabric Town USA
Main Street
5.00 a class
15.00 for 6 weeks

Needle Arts and Sewing

Ventura TowneHouse
Tuesday 8:30-11:30 AM
Tuesday 9-12 AM
Tuesday 12:30-3:30 PM

Ventura ave Adult ED
Wed 9-1 PM

Buenavida Apts
Thursday 9-12
Thursday 12:30-3:30
For more info:…

Knotty Grrl Knitting Club Inagural Meeting Tommorow!

So tomorrow is our inagural meeting! So bring any projects, yarn, needles, and I even have a DVD called: I can't believe I can Crochet we can watch! I have a mini inspirion it isn't really big enough to watch dvds... So if anyone wouldn't mind bringing your laptop we could watch it tommorow!
Also all they ask at Coffee bean and Tea Leaf is we each purchase a drink or sweet!
It is the room in the back with a door, I will put a sign up saying Knotty Grrls Knitting Group!
So see you tommorow:

The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf (in the private room in back) on Main Street and Telephone Rd.
Janurary 31st Sat. 2-5 all they ask of us is to buy a drink or sweet treat while we are there!

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
4360 East Main St.
Suite E
Ventura CA, 93003

(805) 644-6000

Also PS
We now have a Ravelry group! It is so kewl, I love Ravelry! I started the group so we could get some more members and also because it is a great way to keep up to date with our group!
Please join me and so many others on Rave…

New Blog Template Ice Creamilicious

I seem to be in flux with the whole template thingy! UGH! But I love this new one, it feels fun, and fiesty as well as makes me smilllle! It's called Ice Cream! YAH!
I love how it feels to me right now, but who knows, I probably will change it next week!

The Week of Release, Renew & Relax

Ok this week was a unique mix of releasing parts of myself, opening parts of myself up to change and growth and re examining beliefs and ideas as well as re learning to relax.
I also decided to take a hard look at my jewelry supplies, what could I really live without. Since I am going to be focusing on Dharma Truth Bracelets then I can pretty much let go of necklace, earring, silver etc supplies that don't relate to the bracelets I will be coming out with....
I haven't done this in along time.. My bead compartment luggage thingy is full, and heavy.. I guess you could say that I just love to load up on beads, then I realize that I don't feel it anymore or used a few pieces and are over it... I know sounds finicky! I am! So I decided to donate them to a good cause and let them go.

So now I am going to level two, I am going thru my beads again and downsize some more! To have all that I do in supplies, doesn't mean I will use them.. In fact, I feel like at this time it's …

Why I started Creating Functional Art (jewelry, etc)

I started reading this yesterday, after all back is screwed up, so read, read read!
I am reading and remembering why I picked up functional art over twenty five years ago.
I certainly didn't have any family members who did artistic energy, which is fine, I was able to find it on my own! I mean I fell into beads, since I was in AZ, and well it seemed natural, with the gem and mineral show (living in Tucson), but I actually started with paper jewelry! HAHAHA! That was the 80's for sure! I even sold alot of it! HAHAHAHA! I mean I went to the craft store and found a booklet on it and went with it! Then I moved onto making beaded necklaces.. I did alot with booklets and really didn't have anyone show me or tell me what to do, I just found my way! So I am very self taught! I have made a living do jewelry, traveling across country, as well as used it as extra money, created my own jewelry, and inspired others to create functional art! I have pretty much most of my life had beads tr…

Still in alot of Pain with my back :(

I have had issues for like ever with my back. When it isn't hurting me I use my Pilates reformer, and when it is I try and do light yoga stretching, etc. But this time I pulled a muscle in my lower back and it continues to spasm. Unfortunately it hurts when I breath and I am having a hard time being able to stand up forget about straight..
So I am trying to baby myself as mucho as possible. I did learn a breathing meditation yesterday that I will share with you. You breath in om, hold your breath for a minute or so and silently say ah, then breath out hum. You do the sounds quietly (om, ah, hum) By doing this you can get a rhythm going and feel yourself relaxing, which for me is imperative since the back issue flair up. I find that meditating, breathing excersizes, moist heat, water, hot epson salt baths do help. But unfortunately I had to be bed ridden to get the message! I was just starting a yoga class too when it happened. I was doing simple yoga moves, to get my back loose…

Spa Day

Ok I haven't done this enough, and I think my back went out because of it, I mean taking care of myself of course.
So today I am going to finally give myself a spa day. Starting with a hot epson salt bath, with lavender essential oil, seaweed in the tub too.. Then a organic mud clay mask followed by a hemp seed scrub (organic) and jojoba mositurizer with ginko.. I will then do a 20 minute japa meditation and sit out in the sun on our deck overlooking the ocean, for some vitamin D and sunshine therapy!
Followed by chanting, reading and healthy lunch somewhere in there. maybe even watch a funny dvd or movie on the tube!
Ok if you are reading this do it for yourself also! You probably don't do it enuff either!

Knitting Studio Schedule of Classes in SB & New Crochet Projects Book

I think I may have found a Shoppe that teaches classes very reasonably in SB! I mean let's face it SB isn't what I would call where the bargains are or dealz, it tends to be very pricey, classes, yarn, etc. but I stumbled upon a shoppe online in SB that teaches two hours of Crochet for 10 bucks! Yah! The schedule is below. I was to go on Sat, but I pulled a muscle in my back, uck! It is still bothering me, so I will probably go this Sat, or next tuesday! I did get a book over the weekend, thanks to hubby, The Idiots Guide to Crochet Projects! All pages are in color! Which I love and there are about four or five projects that are for beginners that rock! I recommend this book for sure, it was pricey though, 22.00! I think cause it is in color!
So at this time, I am good to go for books on crocheting, and really ready to jump in with hook and thread!

Knitting & Crochet Workshops2 - hour workshops - $10.00 eachTuesday Afternoons from 1 to 3 pm
Thursday Evenings from…

The Coffee Bean n Tea Leaf Coffee House

Ok so I was skeptical about going in and getting online here (our internet at the casa has been out for like three days) UGH!
But let me tell ya, it is nice, mint actually. Alot of spaces to sit, plugs for electricity and all, yummy treats and they actually have hot vanilla, as opposed to hot chocolate!
I like the choice in music, seats are comfy and free internet.. Ok all I need today! And really I love the internet, but to have a break from it is quite alright! I mean I can take my mini inspirion anywhere but why?

Get Your Crochet On! Fly Tops and Funky Flavas Book LINK

My next crochet book purchase! I love her books! recommend picking it up at I will at least get to dream about making some of these designs for now, but one day I too will do it! Afya rocks out, I feel as though we are kindred spirits as far as superfly 70's veghead vibe! Love IT!
I just love looking thru her books and dreamin about designs!

Lotus in the Mud Vegan Friendly Message Bracelet Click HERE For Store

Wonderful reminder in a Vegan Eco Friendly Bracelet
word charm:Acid Free recyclable Plastic that has been frosted..
Black India Ink and will last forever.. :)
size of word charm:1.5 inches long x .25 wide
Greek Ceramic spacer beads
Silver Thai spacer beads
Silver Thai Spiral dangle :)(reminder of the cycle of life!)
1960's ceramic stone bead (for adjustable size)
Vegan friendly rubbery stretch cord (very nice actually!)


Organic Spa Feb Issue Online Free Click HERE

It is so kewl that Organic Spa Mag has a digital Edition is available free online! I happen to buy it when it comes out, but you can read for free, save trees, eco smart and eco kewl mag! Enjoy it!

Great Day for Sandpiper the Movie Liz and Dick

Ok today is yucky! Even by Cali standards! So I decided to watch one of the Netflix I got, Sandpiper, I have watched it quiet a few times, one of my fav movies! Love Liz and Dick! They are so good in this movie and the beauty of Northern California is incredible! A must see if you enjoy Liz Taylor movies and beautiful scenery.
Click here to check it out!

PlantLove by Cargo AWESOME Botanical Organic Lipstick

I just found this wonderful lip sticks that rock out! Ok the idea that they are organic, renewable case, and recycled box they come in they are also reallly cute! I love the color I got: Embodying the mantra, \"Red Lips. Green Conscience,\" CARGO introduces a new revolution in eco-friendly beauty. The PlantLove™ professional collection, a complete line of eco-fabulous makeup in a stunning array of breathtaking colors and textures, is as beautiful as it is progressive. The only prestige color brand to carry the globally recognized ECOCERT™ natural designation for its comprehensive environmental commitment, Plantlove™ by CARGO is truly beauty with a conscience. From natural and organic ingredients, to its environmentally award-winning compostable packaging, Cargo PlantLove™ lets us go green glamorously.
Found at Sephora

Botanical Lipstick
What it is:
A rich and creamy lipstick infused with natural and organic botanical ingredients to nourish and care for lips.

What it does:

The Body Shop Eco-Organic Shopping Bag great for knitting/crochet accessories

Got this bag yesterday at the Pacifica Mall in Ventura. I love this bag because it has long straps, and is organic cotton. Light weight and great for all my crocheting stash, for on the go that is! Totally rockin! And only $5!
Green is not a colour; it’s a state of mind. That’s the message that the Body Shop’s new reusable tote, Bag for Life, sends every day to remind us that going green is a good thing. Proceeds from the sale of cotton bags were donated to the Children on The Edge Foundation, which helps educate children across the world, including in Aceh, East Timor and Burma
The Body Shop

Class Yesterday at VACE in Ventura

My first class was very interesting! To say the least! It ended up being a class for sewing exclusively! UGH! But Barbara I meet and the dance of our crochet needles did occur! I was crocheting, ok the basic stitch within about half a hour, and then for a few hours I did just the one stitch, she wanted to show me more, but I wanted to continue on my journey of simplicity! I told her next week we can move on! So it was very relaxing, easier then knitting (for me) and I thoroughly enjoyed it! YAH!
So ok I am so jazzed..
Tommorow I go into Santa Barbara and get two hours of private one on one for 10 bucks! YAH! At Knitting Studio! Can't wait! Esp since Barbara is great, but a lefty I am a righty, at least with crocheting! Rock on!
Ok well that's it for now, I am going to be watching today I can't believe I am crocheting DVD!

First Crochet Class Today! In Ventura

Ok pinch me! I can go two times a week, for 3.5 hours to learn to: Knit, Crochet, Sew, maybe even felt! I am like in Bliss! Ok get's better, also it is FREEEEEEE! Yes you heard me right! I am so excited to be here in Cali at this time, moment, etc! I am definetly going to learn to Crochet, as well as I have a small crafters sewing machine, and will be able to learn on it too! As well as possibly felt, and of course if I want to learn to knit and surge sewing! LOVE IT!
If you go to VACE that is where the adult ed classes are, most are free some charge 15.00 a semester! OMG! I am also going to take a water aerobics class! Twice weekly for free too! I can't even imagine how I got so blessed! But I have alot of gratitude for sure! Also, they have yoga classes those are some of the classes that charge 15 bucks! Oh my what a deal that is! :)
Ok I am giddy about my class today it is from 12:30 to 3:30
The instructor is Ms Dress, (fitting name!) and I was told she is like so nice! Rock o…

Ravelry Knotty Grrl Knitting Group Join Today!

Ok ladies, and of course gents,
We now have a Ravelry group! It is so kewl, I love Ravelry! I started the group so we could get some more members and also because it is a great way to keep up to date with our group!
Please join me and so many others on Ravelry! Not sure what the word means, but dig the community!
Here is the link to Ravelry Knotty Grrl Knitting Group

Chicks w/Sticks guide to Crochet just came in the mail today!

I ordered this and the dvd I can't believe Im crocheting from Crafters Choice. I ended up getting this book for 10 bucks! YAH!
Ok also I saw this at B & N and loved the Laguna felted Crochet Case! Love it! Also left overs diagonal stripe, doggie jackets, surfer chic beanie cap! I can't wait to dive in!
Easy kewl patterns my type of gig!

I can't believe I am Crocheting DVD just came in the mail

Ok been waiting for this for like two weeks.. Finally! I am stoked!
Now I can have visual with the audio and I learn best that way! YAH!

The one and only book club I still belong too!

Ok I did promise my hubby no more book clubs! Ok well he knows that I am down to one, he should be proud I use to be like part of five or six! REALLY! So I did join crafters choice and love it! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! GReat kits, books, etc....
Check it out! But beware you may buy more then the four books you need to in I think two years! AHHHH
CLick here

One Skein Wonder Love the scarves, beanies in here!

I may not know how to knit, but I had to buy this book! I just love loooking thru it and drooling over the color pics! Love so many of the beanies and such! YUM!

Knitting for Good!

Love this book, 0k Shambala Press is the Publisher! YAH ok doubley kewl beanz! I love that it is about really all crafts and nicely written, I see myself reading it on the deck, hanging my feet over the wicker loveseat and looking at the beautiful Pacific Ocean, Rincon, etc ... It is such a zen type, eco green book that even though I don't know how to knit, it follows in line with all the beliefs and vibes I have about creative living!
I really really love this book! Recommend it for sure! Even though I am a Crocheter! Oh listen to my positive vibe!

Just got in Get Your Crochet On! Hip hats and Cool Caps

Ok been looking at this book before I knew I even knew I was going to learn to Crochet! I love this book, saw it the other day at B & N and sat back and checked it out, woah! Love the designs, this is totally the type of vibe I want to do with my crocheting! For real!
I love her vibe, and saw she is also a vegeterian! Or maybe Vegan, but whatever Afya rocks out! She also came out with another book I want that is about Tops I think! YAH
Ok must must learn hats and scarves first! Or at least learn how to Crochet!
Anyhoo got this off Amazon and got a nice deal!



This little crochet hook is the perfect answer to picking up dropped stitches,

weaving in loose ends or just because it is so cute you just have to have one (or more).

Made of the same wonderful bamboo as all the other KA products

this mini hook is #3.25MM, just 2.75 inches long

9 pcs MeiMei-Pro Bamboo Crochet Hooks BIN on Ebay

Ok won this and love it! Check it out, comes with a nice little cordoury case too!
Info at:
GO to this page

Found Fabric Town USA !

Ok love that place *although it had a smell that was like a dead aminal in the rafters :(
I love that they had so many wonderful balls of beautiful lovely blissed out yarn! I did get a kewl little crocheted birthday cake measuring tape! hahaha so kewl!
I also got a few necessaries.. I spent way to mucho money in their! Oh well!
They have a class every tuesday nite at 5;30 for 5.00 a class and they will help you learn knitting and crocheting! YAH!
Tooo Kewl!
I love it!
Anyhoo it is a large fabric store, but a wonderful yarn store too in Ventura!

Got my invite to Raverly!

It took three days, but worth it, I was chillin about it anyhoo! I am glad I got in now though! Taking my first Crochet class this week! YAH!
I feel very blissed that I found out about it! So kewl! I joined the Central Coast Knitting group and plan on seeing whatz up in Southern Cali! I feel like this is the year finally I get to crochet and make the items I want to, Organic Eco Green Beanies, Scarves, and cuffs!
So join Ravelry when you can!

Knotty Grrls Knitting Group Dates for Janurary!

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to let you all know we do have a date to get together to knit/crochet! I know some of us are beginners and I wanted to let you know of classes to learn Crochet and Knitting!

Our group will have two meetings this month.
Jan 17th
Jan 31st

My Loft Apartment in La Conchita Saturday Janurary 17th 2-5pm
7148 Carpinteria Ave 93001
Last street in La Conchita when you come into La Conchita you make a left and go to the end. We are the third house on looks like a Chalet, Apt B.
If you want to bring something to snack on and share that's fine!

The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf (in the private room in back) on Main Street and Telephone Rd.
Janurary 31st Sat. 2-5 all they ask of us is to buy a drink or sweet treat while we are there!

If you want to learn to Knit/Crochet Here are the following Classes in Ventura.
Thru the Ventura Adult Ed.

Knit/Crochet Nite
Fabric Town USA
Main Street
5.00 a class
15.00 for 6 weeks

Needle Arts and Sewing


Finally learned to Knit, ok kinda, sort of, Knotty Grrl Knitting Group & Crochet Workshop

Saturday was the Shanti learns to kinda sort a knit day! I meet someone on Craigslist and they were so gracious that they came over Sat to teach me and Micheal to knit! We sat out on the Balcony overlooking Rincon Beach and started in on our new endevaour. Ok first off I am a lefty, ugh! I learned for righties, I can cast on! Rock On! And was learning to go beyond that I just seemed to have problems with the holding it when you cast off, That's when we realized I was lefty and she tried to show me, but it seemed to be so complicated, I just decided to learn it right handed.
Ok with that being said, I really really want to learn to Crochet!
I am going to being learning this week as in Ventura they have a weekly knitting, crochet and sewing workshop! It's even free! Kinda kewl! WOW! Also it seems like we are going to have a knitting/crocheting group meeting started! Named Knotty Grrls Knitting Group! We will meet twice monthly, once at my place and once at the Library in Downtown …

Sundayz adventure at the Harbor, Downtown, and more

I am planning on blogging every Sunday about my adventures. My husband likes to go out and get alot packed in on one day, so I thought I would share it since it usually ends up being pretty fun!

Started out at Ventura harbour, nice and the Channel Islands National Park. Very beautiful, cold and jetty, rocky looking! Not at all like Florida beaches, ok it's hard to not comparision shoppe!

Then we went to the Oxnard Harbour farmers/Craft market. It was fun, meet someone there who is on Etsy also! And crochets kewl beanies and scarves, just like I wanna do! Some have hemp, soy fibers, etc. We hit it off and she is interested in the Buddhist fellowship, and more! Loved her beige hemp beanie with sage green stripe thru it! And Rasta beanies!

Saw these wonderful almonds that are naturally smoked, then added orange rind, honey, vanilla and more and they are delic! We didn't have enuff money and wanted to buy one to share and told her we were from La Conchita and just came on a whim, the…

Shanti's Manifestations for 2009

2009 Manifestations for Shanti

Body, Mind & Spirit

# Healthy Body, Balanced Body, Energetic Body
#Clear Mind, Calm Mind
#Open Heart, Pure Heart
#Healed Soul


#Financial Security
#Successful Artisan Business
#Creative New Outlets
#Beautiful Home to live in and work
#Committed Dharma Practice
#Growing Fellowship
#Committed Designer
#Healthy Dogs, Happy Dogs and Husband, & Micheal
#Balanced healthy relationships w/loved ones
#Acceptance and compassion toward myself & others

Thankful for 2008 and all the wonderful blessings that have occured

It was a time of reflection last nite. We all stayed in and relaxed, went to bed early, like any other nite and for me it was a nite to remember what has all happened. And really I believe we started our new year when we came out to Cali, on a hope and a prayer and a 16 footer w/two doggies and a car in tow.. Wow, what a time that was, and we made it as well as we lived thru it and have started to plant seeds and blossom!
Even though it is the winter of our discontent, and the weather right now sucks!
Cold, foggy and overcast!
But we have so many blessings and miracles this year.. And even though I am not in my beloved State of Florida, I am at peace with our move, and really it has been wonderful! The vibe here is very Buddhist friendly and the people are way on the same wave length as we are.. Or I should say I am. So that is great to have such acceptance and love in Cali!
Our neighbors are wonderful and full of kind words and deeds.. So even though it is tuff being away from my homelan…