Class Yesterday at VACE in Ventura

My first class was very interesting! To say the least! It ended up being a class for sewing exclusively! UGH! But Barbara I meet and the dance of our crochet needles did occur! I was crocheting, ok the basic stitch within about half a hour, and then for a few hours I did just the one stitch, she wanted to show me more, but I wanted to continue on my journey of simplicity! I told her next week we can move on! So it was very relaxing, easier then knitting (for me) and I thoroughly enjoyed it! YAH!
So ok I am so jazzed..
Tommorow I go into Santa Barbara and get two hours of private one on one for 10 bucks! YAH! At Knitting Studio! Can't wait! Esp since Barbara is great, but a lefty I am a righty, at least with crocheting! Rock on!
Ok well that's it for now, I am going to be watching today I can't believe I am crocheting DVD!

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