Finally learned to Knit, ok kinda, sort of, Knotty Grrl Knitting Group & Crochet Workshop

Saturday was the Shanti learns to kinda sort a knit day! I meet someone on Craigslist and they were so gracious that they came over Sat to teach me and Micheal to knit! We sat out on the Balcony overlooking Rincon Beach and started in on our new endevaour. Ok first off I am a lefty, ugh! I learned for righties, I can cast on! Rock On! And was learning to go beyond that I just seemed to have problems with the holding it when you cast off, That's when we realized I was lefty and she tried to show me, but it seemed to be so complicated, I just decided to learn it right handed.
Ok with that being said, I really really want to learn to Crochet!
I am going to being learning this week as in Ventura they have a weekly knitting, crochet and sewing workshop! It's even free! Kinda kewl! WOW! Also it seems like we are going to have a knitting/crocheting group meeting started! Named Knotty Grrls Knitting Group! We will meet twice monthly, once at my place and once at the Library in Downtown Ventura! Rock on!
So kewl!
So I am excited! I ordered some really nice bamboo crochet needles with a nice pouch included! Rock on! So excited and can't wait to make my first scarf!

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