First Crochet Class Today! In Ventura

Ok pinch me! I can go two times a week, for 3.5 hours to learn to: Knit, Crochet, Sew, maybe even felt! I am like in Bliss! Ok get's better, also it is FREEEEEEE! Yes you heard me right! I am so excited to be here in Cali at this time, moment, etc! I am definetly going to learn to Crochet, as well as I have a small crafters sewing machine, and will be able to learn on it too! As well as possibly felt, and of course if I want to learn to knit and surge sewing! LOVE IT!
If you go to VACE that is where the adult ed classes are, most are free some charge 15.00 a semester! OMG! I am also going to take a water aerobics class! Twice weekly for free too! I can't even imagine how I got so blessed! But I have alot of gratitude for sure! Also, they have yoga classes those are some of the classes that charge 15 bucks! Oh my what a deal that is! :)
Ok I am giddy about my class today it is from 12:30 to 3:30
The instructor is Ms Dress, (fitting name!) and I was told she is like so nice! Rock on!
More to follow after my class today!

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