Knotty Grrl Knitting Club Inagural Meeting Tommorow!

So tomorrow is our inagural meeting! So bring any projects, yarn, needles, and I even have a DVD called: I can't believe I can Crochet we can watch! I have a mini inspirion it isn't really big enough to watch dvds... So if anyone wouldn't mind bringing your laptop we could watch it tommorow!
Also all they ask at Coffee bean and Tea Leaf is we each purchase a drink or sweet!
It is the room in the back with a door, I will put a sign up saying Knotty Grrls Knitting Group!
So see you tommorow:

The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf (in the private room in back) on Main Street and Telephone Rd.
Janurary 31st Sat. 2-5 all they ask of us is to buy a drink or sweet treat while we are there!

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
4360 East Main St.
Suite E
Ventura CA, 93003

(805) 644-6000

Also PS
We now have a Ravelry group! It is so kewl, I love Ravelry! I started the group so we could get some more members and also because it is a great way to keep up to date with our group!
Please join me and so many others on Ravelry!
Here is the link to Ravelry Knotty Grrl Knitting Group

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