Still in alot of Pain with my back :(

I have had issues for like ever with my back. When it isn't hurting me I use my Pilates reformer, and when it is I try and do light yoga stretching, etc. But this time I pulled a muscle in my lower back and it continues to spasm. Unfortunately it hurts when I breath and I am having a hard time being able to stand up forget about straight..
So I am trying to baby myself as mucho as possible. I did learn a breathing meditation yesterday that I will share with you. You breath in om, hold your breath for a minute or so and silently say ah, then breath out hum. You do the sounds quietly (om, ah, hum) By doing this you can get a rhythm going and feel yourself relaxing, which for me is imperative since the back issue flair up. I find that meditating, breathing excersizes, moist heat, water, hot epson salt baths do help. But unfortunately I had to be bed ridden to get the message! I was just starting a yoga class too when it happened. I was doing simple yoga moves, to get my back loosen up and hips loosened up. That is the problem for me, I become so tight in my hips and back... I remember having Chiro's not be able to adjust me because I was so tight. So my goal is to loosen up! hahahah! No really. thru daily hot epson salt baths (I stopped doing it because of how much water it waste), cold and hot pads, light light yoga stretching, breathing excersizes, and vitamin d (sunshine warmth)....
I may have to baby it back to health for awhile, but it will have excellent long term affects. Also kick sugar habit!

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