Sundayz adventure at the Harbor, Downtown, and more

I am planning on blogging every Sunday about my adventures. My husband likes to go out and get alot packed in on one day, so I thought I would share it since it usually ends up being pretty fun!

Started out at Ventura harbour, nice and the Channel Islands National Park. Very beautiful, cold and jetty, rocky looking! Not at all like Florida beaches, ok it's hard to not comparision shoppe!

Then we went to the Oxnard Harbour farmers/Craft market. It was fun, meet someone there who is on Etsy also! And crochets kewl beanies and scarves, just like I wanna do! Some have hemp, soy fibers, etc. We hit it off and she is interested in the Buddhist fellowship, and more! Loved her beige hemp beanie with sage green stripe thru it! And Rasta beanies!

Saw these wonderful almonds that are naturally smoked, then added orange rind, honey, vanilla and more and they are delic! We didn't have enuff money and wanted to buy one to share and told her we were from La Conchita and just came on a whim, they didn't take credit or debit :(
So they gave us a package free! :) NICE!!!
Ok though wasn't impressed with the market for me.. Not the vibe of handmade, creative stuff :(

We then went to downtown Ventura to shoppe the thrift shoppes! I love them and there are like four or five in a small radius! I found a kewl abercombie and fitch summer skirt with a indian print on it! And Tony got a Levi Jacket that is lined with fleece! Nice! Warm, sad we have to have winter clothes here though :(
I also got a beautiful silk hippy shirt with lotus's and beautiful flowers in shades of red and deep pink and maroon, it is gorgeous! I also found a beautiful hand knit looking sweater from Benneton that is made in Italy! With flared sleeves! Then a kewl scarf that is hand made by someone with beiges and sage green, etc! I mean what a score for like 25 bucks!
We then ate at our fav (so far sushi place Fuji Sushi) and had awesome food!
Finally went to the movies and saw The movie Called Benjamin Button (or something like that), it was so sad, I agree with Ajahm Brahm, we pay money to cry and get upset! UGH! It was a very sad movie to us!
Well we packed alot in one day.. And had a blast! The only thing I could have asked for was warmer weather, ok saw Orlando area 82 degrees, so sad we are so cold!
Well it was a wonderful end to a interesting chilly, foggy funky weather week!

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