Thankful for 2008 and all the wonderful blessings that have occured

It was a time of reflection last nite. We all stayed in and relaxed, went to bed early, like any other nite and for me it was a nite to remember what has all happened. And really I believe we started our new year when we came out to Cali, on a hope and a prayer and a 16 footer w/two doggies and a car in tow.. Wow, what a time that was, and we made it as well as we lived thru it and have started to plant seeds and blossom!
Even though it is the winter of our discontent, and the weather right now sucks!
Cold, foggy and overcast!
But we have so many blessings and miracles this year.. And even though I am not in my beloved State of Florida, I am at peace with our move, and really it has been wonderful! The vibe here is very Buddhist friendly and the people are way on the same wave length as we are.. Or I should say I am. So that is great to have such acceptance and love in Cali!
Our neighbors are wonderful and full of kind words and deeds.. So even though it is tuff being away from my homeland of Florida, I believe we are right were we are suppose to be!

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