The Week of Release, Renew & Relax

Ok this week was a unique mix of releasing parts of myself, opening parts of myself up to change and growth and re examining beliefs and ideas as well as re learning to relax.
I also decided to take a hard look at my jewelry supplies, what could I really live without. Since I am going to be focusing on Dharma Truth Bracelets then I can pretty much let go of necklace, earring, silver etc supplies that don't relate to the bracelets I will be coming out with....
I haven't done this in along time.. My bead compartment luggage thingy is full, and heavy.. I guess you could say that I just love to load up on beads, then I realize that I don't feel it anymore or used a few pieces and are over it... I know sounds finicky! I am! So I decided to donate them to a good cause and let them go.

So now I am going to level two, I am going thru my beads again and downsize some more! To have all that I do in supplies, doesn't mean I will use them.. In fact, I feel like at this time it's keeping me from doing my bracelets.. Time of clearing I guess I am saying and focusing..
Instead of my usual being all over the place with my creativity..
Which is fine, but at this time I feel I have to tighten up, since there are opportunities here for me to be in weekly shows, and events.

My goal is:
in three months time:
Hybrid for the Heart Beanies and Scarves as well as powerlicious cuffs
Dharma Truth Bracelets featuring: featuring rosewood round hand carved Buddha Tibetan prayer beads with chuncky natural rough gemstones.
Eco-Zen NOW Cards: Featuring recycled paperstock, upcycled artwork and Zen designs.

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