Why I started Creating Functional Art (jewelry, etc)

I started reading this yesterday, after all back is screwed up, so read, read read!
I am reading and remembering why I picked up functional art over twenty five years ago.
I certainly didn't have any family members who did artistic energy, which is fine, I was able to find it on my own! I mean I fell into beads, since I was in AZ, and well it seemed natural, with the gem and mineral show (living in Tucson), but I actually started with paper jewelry! HAHAHA! That was the 80's for sure! I even sold alot of it! HAHAHAHA! I mean I went to the craft store and found a booklet on it and went with it! Then I moved onto making beaded necklaces.. I did alot with booklets and really didn't have anyone show me or tell me what to do, I just found my way! So I am very self taught! I have made a living do jewelry, traveling across country, as well as used it as extra money, created my own jewelry, and inspired others to create functional art! I have pretty much most of my life had beads traveling with me, wherever I have moved.... I mean it is in my blood, and will be I believe forever while I breathe!!!
Now a new journey, crocheting.. Ok it is going to take some direction, since I know nothing about it, and can't seem to grab it from a book, or video, so it is a bit more intimidating I normally just pick up stuff and run with it.. So this should be really worthwhile in the end.
I mean when I did learn macrame it took me two hours of direction then I had it, I made quite a few mint necklaces... Sold them and all, then sold off all the macrame goodies and well was over it! hahaaha that will probably happen again....
But I keep stretching it..

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