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Knotty Grrls Needle Arts Group March Schedule

Here is our schedule for March! Come join us!

Knotty Grrls Needle Arts Group March Meetups

March 9th 6-8pm Location:9050 Telephone Buenavida Apts Community room.
Full kitchen so bring snacks!

March 23rd 6-8pm Location: Carol one of our Knotty Grrl's as
graciously opened her home to us! The address is 5102 Shenandoah
Street, Ventura CA 93003, the McKeon condos. Park in front of 5106
and my unit is in the rear, upstairs. you ring Snacks!

Thank you to Carol and Barbara we have two new meeting places.

If you have any ?'s please email me! Look forward to seeing everyone!
Bring anything you are working on , books, patterns, or just yourself
and some yarn and crochet hook, as Barbara will be in attendance
showing anyone who wants to learn crocheting!

Our New Apt Complex's Green Ethics

My take on this is:OK I love the fact that living in Multi Family Housing is so mucho better for the environment! And me not having my own pool, hot tub, etc.. Which is more upkeep and chemicals, and water wasted, electricity! Apt living is as close to communal living as I wanna get! But it does have a uber friendly carbon footprint for me! Especially since Tony is taking the Bus to work and we are in walking distance of most stuff! And if we do drive it isn't so far!! Love that! And we don't have to waste paper or buy ink for the printer, since the Complex has a business center that provides all that.. So much better for the environment for sure! Rock On!Shanti
Archstone's Ethics:

Moving on to ‘Greener’ CommunitiesAs a leading developer of multi-family housing, it is our responsibility to protect and enhance the environment. As an organization, we have made it a focus to continually seek and implement environmentally-friendly opportunities and practices.‘Green’ Lifestyle

Video of Beads Galore in Seattle Sunday Market

Yes We Are!!

Love this pic of the Prez! Let's support him in thought, deed & word. Whether u like him or not, we must all be as positive as we can toward our blissful future!

Get the last copy of Craft Mag Today!

Suggest a Site!

CRAFT: Volume 10 is our last issue in print

Ok just when I started to break down and spend
14.99 for a bimonthly mag! I got the issue on recycling.. I do love it it is my most favorite favorite magazine, (I don't drink anymore), but it is like a really fine glass of white wine on a sunny day while sitting in the sun getting a facial, overlooking the beach! That good!!!!!
Well I got the new issue on V Day! And iloved it! Again going to savor it! They even dropped the price, 9.99! So happy! Great idea! Then I go to their website so happy and having a great sunday with my baby, doggies, and new Craft Magazine and then the shoe drops! This is their last issue...
They are CLOSING THE MAGAZINE! OMG.. I just get into it and boom...
Shoe drops.. Ok nothing really is permanent..
So get the latest and LAST issue of Craft.

Special V Day Compassion Empowerment

1000-Armed Avalokiteshvara Empowermentwith American Buddhist Monk Kelsang RigpaSaturday, February 14, 10am-5pm $60 includes vegetarian lunchEveryone Welcome...Buddha Avalokiteshvara, the Compassion Buddha, is the embodiment of the universal compassion of all enlightened beings. By relying upon him, we naturally increase our own compassion. In this form he has a thousand arms, with an eye in the palm of each hand, demonstrating that he watches over and cares for infinite living beings. Join us for this special empowerment day of guided meditation and prayers to connect more deeply with this pure being and awaken the potential for great compassion in your heart.

Beautiful Memorial For Bill our neighbor & friend

It was lovely and held at the beach, well across the street in a nice building! It was intimate and special and everyone had the same feeling about Bill, Caring, loving person who will surely be missed. People came all the way from New Jersey! All his business associates came as well as old neighbors. We went back to the house & drummed while the sunset. For Bill

East Coast/West Coast Shift

I decided to have a personal blog that hasn't a thing to do with my goals as a Artisan, and so on..
More the personal journey as a tranplanted Floridian living on the West Coast. Colder weather, colder water, mountains, mountain time, sunsets on the ocean, etc! if you would like to read a more personal blog about the changes we are all going thru in La Conchita, then read Shanti Cali

About Brini Maxwell Queen of 60's Kitch

Described as part Donna Reed, part Mary Tyler Moore, Maxwell makes kitsch feel classy through her unparalleled personal flair for home design, entertaining and savvy household tips. Inspired by a divine thrift shop purchase of 1950's nesting bowls, she first began sharing her vintage/classic know-how with other Manhattanites in 1998 through her self-titled cable access television show. With an emphasis on uncompromising fabulousness, Brini quickly garnered a devoted fan base and established herself as the go-to-girl on vintage fashion and mid-century modern treasures. After five years on the local airwaves her show was picked up by the Style Network. The subsequent series has been called a delightful success and has attracted a diverse audience thorough its national platform.Brini was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised th…

Loved Brini Maxwell Show when it was on Style Network

Brini Maxwell is so awesome! Loved her show when it was on cable on Style Network... So hip, 60's rockin out! I love retro 60's to 70's designs, furnishings, etc! Her website is beautiful, fun, groovy and smiley!
Check it out!

Finally in luv with my Ipod Touch

Had to have it when second generation came out. Got it for a early holiday gift. Put music in it and was happy. Then I needed it for scheduling (calendar app) and started planning my day (ad addresses with it)... Then notepad.. Of course internet when wireless was available, and then finally adding additional apps (some free, some .99) that are not only fun but also great tools, twitter, facebook, etc.
Great apps, great screen, thin design, only thing missing camera!

Maybe moving Drama continues! :)

We'll fate does as fate will. Michael and I have been looking for over two months for a reasonably priced home/apt/condo, etc.
Santa Barbara is crazy expensive like unreal! And I want something nice! So we saw a great house on Fillmore in La Conchita, yes where we live now, and loved it a few weeks ago.. But we weren't ready to make the commitment.... We lost it cause he found other people who wanted to rent it. Well it's back for rent sign is up today!

It is a really nice house, two bedroom, 1000 sq ft and has a doggie door as well as a large back deck, storage shed, and more! Great kitchen! Love it! It is a home, not a house, it would be our home! I love that!!!!! Instead of a small cramped one bedroom.. It is cute, quaint and exactly what we need.

We have been so frustrated by looking looking, etc!!! We want to get settled here in Cali and just have a home and a place we are proud to have folx over, etc!
So will see how this unfolds...
Also we could help out our neighbor and…

My daily routine that is really helping my back issues!

It has been two weeks since I pulled the muscle in my back, it still bothers me, but not so much! My hips are still tight, and stiff, but with my new regime, it really seems to be helping!

I start out with a very warm epson salt bath, I also add organic kukui nut oil (just a smigeon)!
Then I read One breath at a time, a 12 step book based in the Buddhist tradition! And then do 20 minutes strong back DVD with Bender Ball. It is the Bender method for the back. It really does work, I love that it doesn't take up much room, and is only twenty minutes. I don't do all the movements, since my back is still tweaked a bit, but it is getting better every day by doing it!
Here is the link

Eco-Zen NOW Matted Art

I have also designed a few Matted pieces, that can be framed Altered Art Buddhist Inspired Vibe! They are layered pieces!

Eco-Zen NOW Cards

Eco-Zen NOW Cards. These designs are all Buddhist in nature. They are done on recycled card stock, upcycled designs and fabric (when used) are pieces of gently used kimonos from Japan.
They are wonderful framed, or put up on the fridge!

More pics of the Same

Ok this shows you more or less again the chunky look, I will get better pics, I just wanted to post these since I am kinda jazzed!

Dharma-Truth Bracelet Pics

The first three of the series.. Sunset Jasper long polished oval , Dyed turqouise chunks in Orange, and Green Apple dyed turqouise rough chunks.

Working on Dharma-Truth Bracelets Series

I have finally gotten focused on doing this new line of bracelets. The bracelets feature rosewood round hand carved Tibetan prayer beads with buddhas and japanese symbol for peace, and gemstone natural chunks framing the bracelets.
The bracelets come in size 7, 8 and 8 1/2 inches.They will have a recycled hang tag with my name and website (and a lotus) on the front. I am having someone on Etsy designing a custom stamp for me. Tied with hemp string. I will sell them for 14.00 each.
I plan on having 3 dozen created in the next week and putting them on Etsy.
I have turqouise, dyed turqoise *pink, lavander, apple green, as well as orange coral, and red coral, and pink, blue and clear quartz chunks.
Be on the lookout for lovely new bracelets with great vibes!

Knitting Board

I bought one of these a few years ago! I am going to put down my fear long enuff to watch the video and start on the scarf. They make items double knit, which is pretty kewl, I don't know if that's what I want or not in scarves and beanies.. Esp with spring/summer coming up, I wanted more lightweight items! But I was told it is easier then like Crochet, or Knitting... But I will blog on it after I work with it later today.
Check it out for yourself!

Scarf Knitting Board Kit Includes:
Everything need to make a soft alpaca scarf approxiametly 40" long. (can be longer if you start with 18 stitches instead of 22)
Included in kit:

10" Knitting Board
Yarn - Alpaca/wool yarn 120 grams - 260 yards.
Instructional DVD
Knit HookClick here to get more info on Knitting Board

Todays Ventura Adult Ed Needle Art Class

Went well. The instructor is wonderful, Libby. She is my new mentor for sure, dresses mint, knits with tiny needles beaded bracelets, and is so darn creative! I love it! I also love that she was the one responsible for showing me how to properly do the single stitch! The right way! I practiced it for a few hours. I really have to say though that sitting up in the chairs that were there was not relaxing.. I think I will need to sit back a bit, maybe a couch or something so I can get a relaxed movement with the crochet hook! Libby also is very patient, and that is what I really need.
I also can learn felting and how to use my knitting loom.. FINALLY! It is gathering dust for sure!
SO this is a great opportunity and the class is free! It is so rockin to be able to learn such a great craft! :)
Everyone was pretty nice, next week they have a potluck (for valentines day), and everyone brings something they made and like a secret santa for valentines day! Should be interesting, for sure...
All I…