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CRAFT: Volume 10 is our last issue in print

Ok just when I started to break down and spend
14.99 for a bimonthly mag! I got the issue on recycling.. I do love it it is my most favorite favorite magazine, (I don't drink anymore), but it is like a really fine glass of white wine on a sunny day while sitting in the sun getting a facial, overlooking the beach! That good!!!!!
Well I got the new issue on V Day! And iloved it! Again going to savor it! They even dropped the price, 9.99! So happy! Great idea! Then I go to their website so happy and having a great sunday with my baby, doggies, and new Craft Magazine and then the shoe drops! This is their last issue...
They are CLOSING THE MAGAZINE! OMG.. I just get into it and boom...
Shoe drops.. Ok nothing really is permanent..
So get the latest and LAST issue of Craft.

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