Maybe moving Drama continues! :)

We'll fate does as fate will. Michael and I have been looking for over two months for a reasonably priced home/apt/condo, etc.
Santa Barbara is crazy expensive like unreal! And I want something nice! So we saw a great house on Fillmore in La Conchita, yes where we live now, and loved it a few weeks ago.. But we weren't ready to make the commitment.... We lost it cause he found other people who wanted to rent it. Well it's back for rent sign is up today!

It is a really nice house, two bedroom, 1000 sq ft and has a doggie door as well as a large back deck, storage shed, and more! Great kitchen! Love it! It is a home, not a house, it would be our home! I love that!!!!! Instead of a small cramped one bedroom.. It is cute, quaint and exactly what we need.

We have been so frustrated by looking looking, etc!!! We want to get settled here in Cali and just have a home and a place we are proud to have folx over, etc!
So will see how this unfolds...
Also we could help out our neighbor and her son and they could move into our location. It could all be good! I just am going to put it out to the Universe!

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