Our New Apt Complex's Green Ethics

My take on this is:

OK I love the fact that living in Multi Family Housing is so mucho better for the environment! And me not having my own pool, hot tub, etc.. Which is more upkeep and chemicals, and water wasted, electricity! Apt living is as close to communal living as I wanna get! But it does have a uber friendly carbon footprint for me! Especially since Tony is taking the Bus to work and we are in walking distance of most stuff! And if we do drive it isn't so far!! Love that! And we don't have to waste paper or buy ink for the printer, since the Complex has a business center that provides all that.. So much better for the environment for sure! Rock On!


Archstone's Ethics:

Moving on to ‘Greener’ Communities

As a leading developer of multi-family housing, it is our responsibility to protect and enhance the environment. As an organization, we have made it a focus to continually seek and implement environmentally-friendly opportunities and practices.

‘Green’ Lifestyle
This mission has translated into a plethora of green features at many of our communities, where we continually strive to implement further viable “green” initiatives to better conserve natural resources and precious open space:

Energy Efficiency
• Energy-efficient appliances
• Sub-metering of utilities resulting in lower energy and water bills
• Compliance with all local regulations and codes for energy efficiency
• Expanding co-generation projects, such as solar power panels on roofs to reduce carbon energy

Responsible Land Use
• Higher population density and therefore use less land than other forms of housing
• Specialization in difficult in-fill and re-development projects to decrease land use
• Close proximity to mass transit lines, reducing or eliminating the need for individual car transport

Conservation of Natural Resources
• Low-flow showers and toilets, to conserve water
• Online leasing, online service requests and online payments to reduce the use of paper
• Water conservation focus and re-use projects to reduce stress on local water systems
• “Smart” controls on irrigation to reduce water consumption
• Construction waste reduction and recycling programs to minimize the use of natural resources
• Information rich website designed to reduce requests for paper brochures

Focus on Indoor Conditions
• Modern HVAC systems to provide the best possible indoor air quality
• Modern lighting fixtures and elements to create well-lit indoor conditions with minimal energy use

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