Todays Ventura Adult Ed Needle Art Class

Went well. The instructor is wonderful, Libby. She is my new mentor for sure, dresses mint, knits with tiny needles beaded bracelets, and is so darn creative! I love it! I also love that she was the one responsible for showing me how to properly do the single stitch! The right way! I practiced it for a few hours. I really have to say though that sitting up in the chairs that were there was not relaxing.. I think I will need to sit back a bit, maybe a couch or something so I can get a relaxed movement with the crochet hook! Libby also is very patient, and that is what I really need.
I also can learn felting and how to use my knitting loom.. FINALLY! It is gathering dust for sure!
SO this is a great opportunity and the class is free! It is so rockin to be able to learn such a great craft! :)
Everyone was pretty nice, next week they have a potluck (for valentines day), and everyone brings something they made and like a secret santa for valentines day! Should be interesting, for sure...
All I can say is Rock on Needle Arts Class!

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