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Ocean Potions for Body, Mind & Soul

Ocean Potions For Mind, Body and SoulPrint: $18.46Download: $9.66Kick off your shoes, and take a deep relaxing breath! Sit for a while, put on some ocean music, or sounds. And let this book take you away! To another time, place that is always waiting for you, the beach! Let the Ocean cleanse your heart, heal your head, and relax the soul! Sink into your seat, even smile a little. This is all about your connection to the ancient wisdom, and time of healing that you can access, thru nature, thru the beauty and the sights and sounds of the beach! Re remember your greatest beach memory, relieve it now! NoW! You can be right now, be at the beach, in your mind, body and skin!

Fun is good!!

If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good!
-Dr. Seuss
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Do Something Green Friendly Today!

Happy Monday! Do Something Green friendly Today and Live your life accordingly! Green is a Lifestyle not just a colour!

Purchase Recycled Baq for 1.99 at Payless and Help Plant a Billion


Green Shoes From Planet

Green Glossary: Green Shoes By Mickey Z.
Astoria, NY, USA | Sat Apr 25 06:00:00 EDT 2009

Diane Diederich/iStock
Fair Trade | Green Glossary | Organic | Shoes
When one considers that humans evolved to walk barefoot on dirt, grass, sand, and stone, it becomes even more bizarre to witness the shoes we've created for strolling a paved planet. So, after evading those blue suede kicks and the inevitable red dancing jammies, those in the eco-community feel most comfortable in—you guessed it—green shoes.This means recycled and it means vegan and it even means soy based ink on the shoebox. Oh yeah, keeping the soul on your soles also includes organic and Fair Trade varieties. Wait...there's more: Let's not forget the options of buying hemp shoes or perhaps best of all, buying used or swapping shoes.Another aspect of greening your footwear is re-purposing those shoes you no longer want and never forgetting to recycle that shoe box. Last, but not least, recycling yo…

Use Seeds Instead of Beads for Jewelry From Planet

Use Seeds Instead of Beads for Unique JewelryTrade traditional beads for natural charms on your next jewelry project. By Blythe Copeland
Great Neck, NY, USA | Thu Apr 23 12:00:00 EDT 2009

Gabriela Gonzalez/iStock
Eco-Fashion Accessories | Green Fashion | Jewelry | Nature | Reuse
Aside from those candy necklaces that were all the rage at elementary school birthday parties—and of course ring pops, which are a hit at any age—not many pieces of jewelry are made to be edible. And, okay—these necklaces may not be as delicious as their candy counterparts, but using real seeds instead of beads will leave you with necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are undeniably one-of-a-kind.DIY Network’s Michele Beschen makes the look work by combining Indian corn kernels and beads with traditional jewelry clasps, wire, and, in some cases, medallions or gems. Learn from her experience: larger seeds are easier to maneuver and manipulate; stock up on Indian corn when you can; and drill …

Bags for the People Sew and Socialize from Planet

Socialize and Sew with "Bags for the People" in BrooklynMake some friends—and some bags—at these "upcycle socials." By Blythe Copeland
Great Neck, NY, USA | Thu Apr 23 14:30:00 EDT 2009

Paul Eekhoff/Getty
Eco-Friendly Crafts | Green Community | Reuse
Still high on that Earth Day buzz? (We know—so are we.) Take advantage of your motivation by branching out into the world of upcycled crafts. Even if you've never made anything, groups like Bags for the People, Etsy, and STC Craft will show you how to turn your old clothes into fun, funky, reusable shopping bags. You bring the fabric—think old t-shirts, sheets, jeans, or, if you don't have any clothes lying around, check Goodwill for prints and patterns—and they'll supply the tools, sewing machines, scissors, and instructions. Hit up one of these "upcycle socials" and carry your Earth Day memories all year.Thursday, April 23: Bags for the People Sweatshop Social, 6:30-9:30 p.m.,

Holidays on Earth Today: April 24th from

Ok Today is my B Day. And I wanted to find out what exactly is celebrated or important on this day. And here it is..FYI!

Holidays are such an important part of each countries tradition along with supporting its culture. Some of the most popular holidays on earth either revolve around the Christian belief such as Easter and Christmas however there are
other popular ones such as Independence Day, New Year Day, and Valentines and so on. Then there are strange and weird holidays that really have no meaning besides the mere purpose to have an excuse to celebrate something. Have you ever wondered what is going on around the world today?

Today marks the 114th day of the year!

251 days left this year!

1. United States:

*National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day

*National Remembrance of Man's Inhumanity To Man Day

*Rattlesnake Day: Magnum, Oklahoma Only

*Native Son Day: Alton, Illinois Only

*Feast of the 3 Holy Maries

*Hostage Heroes Day

*Plumber's Day

*National PC/Typing Contest Begins

*Ambivalence Day


Finally Payless Launches the Green Footwear we have been waiting for!

Payless Launches Greener Footwear and Will Plant 100,000 Trees
As part of the release of its green brand of shoes and accessories, Payless ShoeSource has committed to pay for the planting of 100,000 trees in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.Payless unveiled the first items in its green line, Zoe & Zac, this month. For every item sold until May 4, Payless will donate to The Nature Conservancy $1, the cost for the group to plant one tree, with a commitment to give at least $100,000.The money will go towards The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees campaign, which aims to plant 1 billion trees by 2015 in the Atlantic Forest, which has been degraded to seven percent of its original size through coastal development, urban expansion, agriculture, ranching, exotic plantations and illegal logging.As part of this effort, Payless is running a buy one, get one half off sale on all items, including the Zoe & Zac line, which was first announced last October. The first set of items includes ei…

Einstein Qoute on Technology

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our
-Albert Einstein
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Sea Otters, Lobstermen and Calendar Covers

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Overfishing is one of the biggest threats facing our ocean — we simply catch fish faster than they can reproduce. But things are beginning to change.

We recently met up with NBC Nightly News and talked about the success of our work in the Gulf of Mexico, where we've successfully reversed years of overfishing. Red snapper populations have rebounded, but there's still a long way to go.

Plus, we've just unveiled our "Fishery to Fork" web site that engages fishermen, buyers, retailers, and seafood lovers in doing their part for the future of US fishing and the health of our ocean. Like I said, things are beginning to change and you can help be the catalyst.

Thanks for knowing that every day is Earth Day,

Vikki N. Spruill
President & CEO, Ocean Conservancy Creature Feature: Sea OttersThe fate of the sea otter is entwined wit…

Earth Day Everyday Part One

By Shanti Johnson Green Lifestyle Junkie Blogger

Ok now we are done with the festivities, the fun, and all the celebrating, (which we should do). It's back to business as usual. Rolling the sleeves up, and digging into our commitment as well as focus on how we can each individually and in unity live greener lifestyles. No longer is it about being hip, cool or fashionable to be green, it is a absolute.

There will be changes we will be making in our lives. Riding Mass Transit, Biking more, driving less. Washing Clothes less, means go longer between washings, ok within reason! Doing without Air conditioning, turning off and unplugging all items not being used, as well as recycling of course. When a purchase is made, then something is donated or sold. Growing our own veggies, fruits, as well as purchasing locally and organically thru farmers markets, which means eatting locally what is in season. Using the library for reading books, magazines, or online.

These are just a few changes th…

Take a Breath

I have mentioned before how I enjoy this mag!
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2Take a Breath
Now's the season to get outside and commune with nature. There's just something about being outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, and being aware of your surroundings, that puts everything into perspective. So go outside, be it alone or with a friend, and feel the immediate mood-boosting power it brings.

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Happy Earth Day! - Who Was the Original Founder? From Real Green Girl

Glorious sun after heavy spring rains.
First of all...Happy Earth Day. And what a year for it. Seems like everyone is back in tune with Earth Day, a revitalization if you will. But how did the Earth Day idea get started? What's its history? Who was the original founder and organizer? Who concocted this crazy idea anyway?

If you look up or "google" Earth Day you'll find several sites with historical information about Earth day. Most of the information talks about the troubled times of Vietnam and how the environment was degrading - the Litter Bug campaign was failing. In steps a Senator. The major name associated with Earth Day is Gaylord Nelson Senator from Wisconsin. Denis Hayes was in charge of the event and the rest..well.. is history...almost.

It's kind of unusual that a Senator comes up with an idea like this - a grass roots (let's have a party) and rock against the establishment sort of event. After a little digging there does indeed happen to be more to …

Happy Earth Day Earthlings

Happy Green Day! Happy Earth Day, Earthlings! What a beautiful day to enjoy the Earth and all the sentient beings that inhabit and share our Planet. We care and are very concerned for the wellbeing of our Planet and everyone and thing on it! Luv Shanti

Let̢۪s take time today to do something for the Planet, as well as make a commitment to change one thing that can lead to awareness for our Planet. Here is a list of ideals that we can all implement (and a lot of us already do) on a daily basis.

1. Recycle cans, bottles, and plastics and use glass bottles for water on the go.
2. Take a cloth or recycled tote whenever you shop.
3. By recycled goods instead of new. Furniture, bikes, dishes, etc. is a great find for gently recycled objects!
4. Write down everything you purchase new. See if it was really necessary and where you can curb spending and consuming. When purchasing something, donate, give, sell something else, making for less clutter.
5. Plant trees, bushes, and plants…

Ghandi Quote on Non-violence

Sunday April 19, 2009 Non-violence does not signify that man must not fight against the enemy, and by enemy is meant the evil which men do, not the human beings themselves.
-Mohandas Ghandi

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Submit Anonymous Thank You Story From: Happy

Saturday April 18, 2009 Ok This is way green! No More Thank You Cards! Just submit it at this site and email the link!
A New Internet FriendPosted by markius on February 1, 2009 at 1:30pmView markius's blog Today I received a message from Tom over at He wanted me to have a look at his site and let him know what I thought.

Of course, I thought the idea was awesome and told him so. It is good to see other people who are like-minded, wanting to make a difference in other people's lives.

The beauty of the site is in its simplicity: Submit a story about something positive or "thank you" to someone who has helped you.

I would ask that you click over and please pay Tom's site a visit. He's doing something good and we can support him.

All the best,

Markius Posted 4/18/2009 at 8:12 PM

Green Color Economy by Van Jones

Tuesday April 7, 2009 The book Green Collar Economy by Van Jones is the book our Green Book Club.. He is Prez Obama's Green Czar! It is a eight week class at UU in Ventura! His Website is: Also check into Green for All! And join the movement!
Posted 4/7/2009 at 9:8 PM

Green Book Club UU of Ventura Overview

Wednesday April 8, 2009 Last nite at the UU in Ventura we had the first of four Meetups on the Book: Green Collar Economy by Van Jones. Ok for starters the book is accesible reading to everyone and he has such passion and commitment to all of us partaking in Green Sustainable Conscious Living on Earth. I have included of my favorite Paragraphs in the Intro:
From the Book Green Collar Economy by Van Jones:
A serious shift in our energy strategy would open a new chapter in the story of human civilazation. Right now, we are still scurrying about on our planet's surface, eking out our living as part of a vulture society-living off the dead. Out of the Earth we suck the liquefied remains of dead organisms. We burn our ancestor's remains in our engines, without ceremony. Then we go back to the Earth, like vampires, to suck out even more oil. Our coal-fired power plants munch daily on the black bones of our ancients-and belch out death. Today, the climate itself threatens to bring ev…

Organic Spa Magazine Spa Wisdom

Wednesday April 1, 2009
Create Your Happy Space
What's the best way to cheer up a room in your home? Fill it with things you love. Instead of focusing on a set style or time period when decorating, fill your rooms with things you truly love. You'll discover that your favorite pieces will work together and that the outcome will be a space that makes you happily fulfilled. Happy spaces bring joy and comfort, and they ultimately lead to healthy spaces for you and your loved ones.

Posted 4/1/2009 at 7:15 PM

Itouch and a Greener World

Monday March 30, 2009 Ok I thought when I got the Itouch it was another style of Ipod with kewler features like the album covers that you can use your finger to swing thru and external speaker, internet connection, etc.. I had it a few months and downloaded music, then pretty much didn't use it alot... Well for some strange reason my new Mini Inspiron by Dell 9 inch laptop that I got around the same time (yah Gift Giving came early for me!) petered out.. And I had to send it back to Dell :(... So realizing I needed to still get online, I started using the iTouch and OMG my life changed from then on! Can you be in love with a inanimate object? I dunno, But I am! I love it! I noticed something on my iTouch called Apps, ok then I really feel deeply and forever in love. When I realized that a whole new world was opening up to me and that there was this very green, paperless way of doing different tasks, fun stuff, etc.. I was hooked!
I can do so much on my iTouch and yet it is still …

FREE March/April 2009 Green Issue Organic Spa

Thursday March 5, 2009 For a free Online GREEN Edition of Organic Spa! I grab a copy at the Borders every time I see it out! LOVE IT! BTW the name of my Spa in Titusville, Florida was The Organic Spa! That's how I found out about this Mag, I did a google for Organic Spa! I recommend reading it online. Although I get the hard copy, it works for me since I am a Esthetician, in the field of Organic treatments, etc.

Posted 3/5/2009 at 7:2 AM