Earth Day Everyday Part One

By Shanti Johnson Green Lifestyle Junkie Blogger

Ok now we are done with the festivities, the fun, and all the celebrating, (which we should do). It's back to business as usual. Rolling the sleeves up, and digging into our commitment as well as focus on how we can each individually and in unity live greener lifestyles. No longer is it about being hip, cool or fashionable to be green, it is a absolute.

There will be changes we will be making in our lives. Riding Mass Transit, Biking more, driving less. Washing Clothes less, means go longer between washings, ok within reason! Doing without Air conditioning, turning off and unplugging all items not being used, as well as recycling of course. When a purchase is made, then something is donated or sold. Growing our own veggies, fruits, as well as purchasing locally and organically thru farmers markets, which means eatting locally what is in season. Using the library for reading books, magazines, or online.

These are just a few changes that we make and really is only scratching the surface. But to stay commited and focused on the goal of change for our Mama Earth which will bring us all together as well as unite the world in this Global Cause!

Oh and by the way we can of course look good doing it as well as have a blast!

As the Green Lifestyle journey continues....

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