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Wednesday April 8, 2009
Last nite at the UU in Ventura we had the first of four Meetups on the Book: Green Collar Economy by Van Jones. Ok for starters the book is accesible reading to everyone and he has such passion and commitment to all of us partaking in Green Sustainable Conscious Living on Earth. I have included of my favorite Paragraphs in the Intro:
From the Book Green Collar Economy by Van Jones:
A serious shift in our energy strategy would open a new chapter in the story of human civilazation. Right now, we are still scurrying about on our planet's surface, eking out our living as part of a vulture society-living off the dead. Out of the Earth we suck the liquefied remains of dead organisms. We burn our ancestor's remains in our engines, without ceremony. Then we go back to the Earth, like vampires, to suck out even more oil. Our coal-fired power plants munch daily on the black bones of our ancients-and belch out death. Today, the climate itself threatens to bring everything full circle: if we keep pulling death from the ground, we will reap death from the skies.

That paragraph from the Green Collar Economy says so much to me. Our time has come to change from taking from the Earth without thought, consideration & love, to a shift of concern, care and gentleness for the Earth, for each other and seeing the connection to all that exist.

No matter what we do, and it can seem overwhelming... Being on a Green Action committee, part of a Green Awareness March, starting a Green friendly Business, or creating Green friendly Jobs.There is alot we can do. And yet what am I doing daily to move toward this goal that we are as a whole? Recycling at home? Recycling at work? Setting up Green Goals at home and work that are attainable within a certain time frame? Going on a Shopping Fast? Recycling Paper at home and work, taking the bus, carpooling, walking, biking to work? Purchasing Green friendly Paper Products, Cleaning Products, Styrofoam Free Zone, Bottle Water Free Zone?
Bringing Lunch, and making as little impact on the environment as possible? That's a start for most of us who still are in a Non Green Collar Job.

Moving forward toward goals, of what a Green Collar Job would look like for each one of us. What is your talent, and how would you use it in a Green Collar World? Building Sustainable Housing? Starting a Green House Cleaning Business? Selling Green Eco Flooring? Creating Jewelry from Repurposed broken old Jewelry? Investment Brokerage for Green Stocks?
We no longer have to think in limitations that a non Green Collar Economy offers, The opportunities are Vast, Wide Open and Far Reaching. And it's time is now!
Green, is not just a color but a Lifestyle!

Posted 4/8/2009 at 7:26 AM

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