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Mickey Z.

By Mickey Z.
Astoria, NY, USA | Sat Apr 25 06:00:00 EDT 2009

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When one considers that humans evolved to walk barefoot on dirt, grass, sand, and stone, it becomes even more bizarre to witness the shoes we've created for strolling a paved planet. So, after evading those blue suede kicks and the inevitable red dancing jammies, those in the eco-community feel most comfortable in—you guessed it—green shoes.

This means recycled and it means vegan and it even means soy based ink on the shoebox. Oh yeah, keeping the soul on your soles also includes organic and Fair Trade varieties. Wait...there's more: Let's not forget the options of buying hemp shoes or perhaps best of all, buying used or swapping shoes.

Another aspect of greening your footwear is re-purposing those shoes you no longer want and never forgetting to recycle that shoe box. Last, but not least, recycling your shoes will enable you and the planet to make beautiful music together.

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